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What’s new? Ice City Skating Rink

What’s new? Ice City Skating Rink

hen they’re not studying, young people spend much of their time on entertainment – especially sporting activities, because this not only keeps them fit and healthy but enhances their mood and promotes a positive attitude.

This week, Lift recommends that young people go to the Ice City skating rink if they really want to enjoy themselves.

Ice City, which uses a new technology from  America called synthetic ice, is an ultra-modern place that welcomes customers from 9am to 9pm and is located on the fifth floor of the Sovanna Supermarket.

“Most people think skating on synthetic ice is different from skating on solid ice, but in fact it’s just a different type of surface,” Ice City’s owner, Khy Borith, 27, says.

“Skaters can perform all the same moves on synthetic ice that they can do on solid ice.

“And skating on synthetic ice has one important advantage: if you fall over, the impact is not as severe as it would be on solid ice.”

I had seen Ice City on television, but when I arrived there I wasn’t prepared for the eye-catching lighting and the great background music – those things alone make it difficult to forget.

One of the staff told me that skating on a synthetic surface was just like skating on real ice, but was designed so that people who didn’t know how to skate could practise.

At first, I wasn’t game to go skating by myself. Just by standing beside the rink and seeing my friends skating around, I realised the most important thing about ice skating is that everyone can easily dance and follow the songs being played – something we certainly can’t do while we’ re skiing.

When I went to buy a ticket for skating, I discovered the staff at Ice City are friendly and very polite. They also helped me put on my gloves and tie up my skating boots.

And if you’re wondering about the price of tickets at Ice City, don’t worry: for the first two months, it will cost only $4 an hour. After that, the price will rise to $7 an hour.

After an enjoyable hour skating around, my friends and I felt really fresh and had forgotten any stress we had beforehand.

Those of us who had never skated before, however, felt a bit tired  because we had fallen down a lot.

So, If you’re feeling fatigued from study and want to sample a different type of recreation, go skating at Ice City.