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What do you do to support your family?

Seng Paradeth, 23, a student at the Institude of Foreign Languages

“Because my parents sell shoes, I always help prepare the shoes for sale in the market, and help sell them when I am free from school. I also help to support my family financially, even though my income is still low. I also help with the housework as much as I can.”

Srun Sreypov, 22, a student at the Royal University of Law and Economics

“To support my family, I have to do my best to become a good student, work to support my studies and help my family. I also do housework when I have free time from studying and working. As a teenager, I never did bad things such as taking drugs that would have affected me, my family or society.”

Chea Cheansoryya, 22, a student at the Economic and Finance Institute

“I am responsible for doing the housework. I always go to the market to buy food when I am free from school, and I to cook a meal for my family before I go to school. To lessen the burden on my parents, I also look after my niece and nephew. Moreover, I’m trying to study hard and be a good son so I can improve my family’s situation in the future.”

Heng Runrangsey, 21, a student at the National University of Management

“I recently began working, so I can appreciate some of the difficulties my family faces. Even though my income is still low, it’s good that I can earn something because it shows my parents their child is a good person and can earn money. And I don’t forget to help with the housework, because I don’t like seeing my parents tired.”

Vuon They, 19, a student at the  University of Cambodia

“My parents have a business, so I do whatever I can to help them when I am free from my studies, and run the business for them when they are on holiday or busy. I don’t know much about housework, but I can do stuff like washing my clothes and cleaning my room by myself, so they don’t need to worry about that.​​”



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