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Morn Bunnarith, 25, a graduate student from PanhaChiet University, majoring in Management, said: “It is good if it could change. The thing is that will it be able to change? As we all have known that the corruption is everywhere even in the class. Everyone used to cheat in the exams. So did I. As a result, the quality of our students is far poor comparing to other countries. If we can’t change anything by 2015 when the free market is opened for ASEAN regions, we can’t compete with others.”

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Yim Navin, 18, a second-year-student at Cam Ed majoring in Audition, said: “If the reform actually happens, I think our education system would be better which will lead to having more human resources to develop our nation especially when the ASEAN Integration comes. If our student capacity is still disqualify, the market job for our students will be small as well. To me, I suggest that for the upcoming reforming by the new Minister of Education should focus more on experimentation materials and laboratry equipment which are needed for some majors including chemistry and architecture which need practice and experimentation. If students only learn in theory without practice, they just learn for nothing.”

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HengSothea, 24, graduate student from National University of Management majoring in Economics, said: “It is very good to stop corruption in the education system; however, what the government should not ignore is to increase teacher’s salary starting from primary school teachers up to university lecturers. Otherwise, those teachers can’t survive. And I think with the new system, without spending money for cheating in the exams the students’ finance would also look better.”

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Hoy Menglorng, 24, a student of PUC, said: “Our education system is still poor due to corruption as well as the low salary of teachers. These reasons result in poor quality of students’ education. Salary is very important. If the teachers don’t get paid well enough, they don’t put effort into updating their lessons since they are busy working other part-time jobs after class. If they are paid well however, they can pay more attention to teaching and updating their own knowledge for the benefit of their students. Students are like the cells in the organism of society: The better the cells, the more developed the future society will be.”

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Pen Chenda, 21, a fourth-year-student at Vanda Institution in accounting, said: “If the corruption in exams was omitted, the qualified students would be able to pass the exam. So, once they graduated they would actually be qualified for their work afterwards. Corruption in education disappoints hard working students, especially the poor. I hope integrity will move into the education system. I also hope the government will build more schools in rural areas so countryside students can get as educated as the city students do.”



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