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What effects does online gaming have on you?

Moeun Sakana, 21, student at Cambodian Mekong University
“Before, I liked playing online games, but now I rarely playthem because of my work. I can say that playing online games is good since it makes me flexible and easy-going; moreover, it can strengthen my brain by thinking a lot. I can also build my network by playing online game with others. However, online game also has bad effects. Onthe exam day for my high school diploma, I still played this game without caring much about the exam. Luckily, I still passed. I think online gamescan be good or bad depending on the players themselves; it is not a problem in itself, the problem is the player. ”

Seng Boromey, 22, employee of the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia
“Playing online games, for me, does not have a bad effect.In contrast, they seem like medicine that can help me to release unhappy and stressful feelings. They can make my brain work well since I always use my mind while playing them. I am very flexible after playing online games, and I can apply this to my work field. Therefore, there is no bad effect for me, because I can manage and control my time with it.”

Keo Chansras Pisey, 21, student at Royal University of Law and Economics
“Online gaming has both good and bad consequences for me. Online game makes me feel modern in the youth society, and intelligence and pleasure when I am alone. Sometimes it is also bad, because I waste a lot of time on it rather than my study. Moreover, onlinegame badly affects health and eyesight. Thus, online game is not good and not bad; it depends on the player.”

Men Nara, 23, student at Norton University
“I am a player of online games, but I think that it is bad as I have to spend time and money on it without really getting anything. In fact, online gaming needs a modern phone connection to support it, and computer needs internet system. Therefore, it seems like wasting my money. It also affects my eyes and health because I spend so much time playing it. However, I still play it in my leisure time.”

Dik Sophea, 23, student at International Language School
“I like playing onlinegames. I play them two or three times per week. When I am not happy or have some problems in my study or work, I always play it because it can make me release all the pressure and stress from these activities. Furthermore, online games can make me intelligent; I can be flexible for everything. The bad point of online gamesthe affect on my health, but it is not a problem to me problem since advantages is more than disadvantages.”



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