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What style do you wear to attend a wedding reception?

Sroun Bopha, 20, a third-year at Norton University
“The clothes that we choose to wear should depend on the occasion. For me, it is easy to adapt my style to all kinds of different situations. If I’m going to dress to attend a wedding, I would love to go for an updated look so that I can show that I’m a modern, young person. I need to keep up-to-date with style. However, this does not mean I have to get rid of all my traditional clothes. My favorite clothes are modern, but I’ll also wear my traditional clothes in some circumstances.

Ken Sathachanlakana, 19, a second-year student at Norton University
“For me, if I go to a wedding reception, I like wearing both modern and traditional dress that is fashionable. I really can’t separate clearly whether which style I like more. That’s because I choose my clothes based on the environment around me. Usually choosing clothes has to do with what’s popular. Before I choose something to wear for a wedding reception, I make sure to think of the place I’m going and the people I go with. I cannot be different from the others.”

Lek Vannak, 20, a third-year student at University of Health Science
“I like wearing something fashionable. That’s why I always choose to wear modern clothes when I join a wedding reception. Wearing fashionable clothes at any aniversary encourages me to socialize with other people my age. In some cases, I cannot always dress like this. When I attend a wedding reception with my parents, I must wear traditional clothes because there are many elderly people. If I go as the representative of my parents, or go with my friends, I wear what I like.”

Tep Sophatra, 19, a third-year student at Instute of Technology of Cambodia
“I always wear modern dress at a wedding reception because I like something fashionable. I am a young person, so choosing a modern style is more fitting for me. My mother always suggests that I wear fashionable clothes when I join a wedding reception, and nowadays, most people my age are more likely to wear fashionable clothes. That’s why I like to dress like in a modern way.”

Hong Chivon, 23, Publication and Communication Assistant at Youth Resource Development Program
“I am the kind of person who is ordinary and quiet. Because of this, my clothing style when I attend weddings is not any different from my personality. I love to wear traditional clothes instead of having a modern look. The reason is mostly because I am an employee now. So, I do not want to spend a lot of my extra time choosing my clothes and updating my wardrobe. I think that simple clothes and a simple style are good for joining in on anything.”



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