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Beoung Trabek Plaza is a new shopping centre  similar to the Sorya and Sovanna shopping centres,  intended to serve a wide range of people’s shopping needs.

Whereas Sorya is located in the centre of Phnom Penh and Sovanna is in a fringe area,  Beoung Trabek Plaza is tucked away on the corner of streets 105 and 245,  in front of the Beoung Trabek market.

My friends and I decided to look around this new shopping place during our free time, so we headed down Monivong Boulevard,  turned on to street 105, then went to the corner of streets 105 and 245.

Looking further through the perspective of the big gate, we could see the big, grey, low-rise building, which has two mysterious stone lions standing in front of it.

On the ground floor of the building are hundreds of shops, laid out in many rows.

Each shop is about two metres in width and three or four metres in depth, but not many of the shop spaces  are occupied by  businesses yet.  Some are still being built, and the shops doing business offer a variety of products.

The first catchy-looking shop sells costume jewellery at the northeast corner of the market ground floor. Some of the costume jewellery is imported from Hong Kong and some from Korea – and some is  made from Italian silver.

The sparkling jewellery, in seven colours, dazzles in the luminous reflection of the shop’s mirrored shelves.

As we moved up to the first floor of Beoung Trabek Plaza on the escalator, we took  a look at the green map showing the plaza directory.

The underground floor has restaurants and fast food, while the ground floor and the first floor have shops that sell clothes, shoes, lotions,  make-up,  books and youth fashion products.

On the second floor is the car park, which measures 80 by 80 metres, and the third floor has a playground for recreation and games.

Unfortunately, during our trip the restaurants and the playground, recreation and game sections were under construction and some of the shops were not yet ready to open for business.

The owner of one of the lotion shops told us that the construction work at Beoung Trabek Plaza would be completed soon. 

Although it is similar to the Sovanna Shopping Centre,  Beoung Trabek Plaza is well worth exploring  if you are looking for a new shopping experience.



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