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Where to exercise

Exercising your body
If you want to be slim and healthy; stay free of diseases and keep your immune system strong, you might wat to think about making exercise a regular part of your schedule. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, 15-30 minutes of exercise every day can have a positive impact on your health and state of mind. Dr. Ly Cheng Huy (?? ???????) explains that “exercising is important for both young and old people. Do not think that your age is not the right age to do exercise, everyone ought to.”

As everyone knows, doing exercise provides a variety of bonuses to your health. First, doing stretching and exercises will make your muscles more flexible, stronger and less rpone to injury. Second, it will keep the fat off and keep your heart rate and blood pressure low. Besides its benefits to your body, exercise can also make you less stressed. “That’s how exercise helps you!” exclaimed Dr. Ly Cheng Huy.

Here are a few places where you can in your daily exercise. Find the one closest to you and get moving!

Exercising at Fitness club
While the majority of Cambodians exercise in outdoor settings, a growing group of people are heading to gyms to sweat it out. Gyms offer more updated technology for exercizing, such as weights and exercise machines, but are often a bit more expensive. You can find some gyms that charge only 1,000 riel but there are also gyms such as Phnom Penh sports Club and AusFit which charge around 5 dollars per visit. Most fitness clubs are open all day so you can stop in whenever you have the time. They also offer weekly, monthly and yearly rates which will allow you to save money and also encourage you to visit the gym even when you are feeling lazy.

Exercising at the River side in front of Royal Palace
Fresh air makes exercise much more enjoyable, and one of the best places to find fresh air is on the riverside, where there is almost always a slight breeze coming off the water. From 5-7 in the morning people begin doing their aerobics, with a breeze gently blowing across the park as the sun is rising in the sky. In the evening from 5 to 8 you will find people crowding into the park opposite the Royal Palace engaging in various types of dancing styles. Like Olympic Stadium and Wat Botum park, it costs 1,000 riel to join an organized class.

Exercising at Olympic Stadium
Olympic Stadium is open everyday from 4 am to 8 pm. There is a place to play just about every sport you can imagine, and it is an ideal place to do exercise, regardless of what you want to do. Tennis, swimming, running, football, basketball, volleyball, aerobics and petanq are all happening every day at the stadium. If you are at the stadium in the morning or evening, you will see hundreds of people coming together to do coordinated dancing as their exercise. In the morning, the groups go from 5:00 am to about 6:30 am, beginning with aerobics as a warm up and then continuing with traditional dances and disco. In the evening the aerobic dancing goes from 5 pm to 8 pm, with many people jogging and doing the dancing, which costs only a thousand Riel per person to jump in with an expert instructor.

Exercising in front of Butum pagoda (?????????)
The moving and shaking at Wat Botum also starts at 5 am, but you will notice that most of the people there are… well… old. While you may be among the youngest people around, the times are quite convenient for busy students and young professional who have to work during the day. Exercice classes finish around 7 am in the morning and go again from 5 pm to 8 pm in the evening. For only one thousand riel per person you can spend from 30 minutes to three hours moving your body and enjoying the bustling scene around Wat Botum and independence monument, which always has plenty of interesting people.



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