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Which of Sihanouk’s achievement do you like the most?

Which of Sihanouk’s achievement do you like the most?

Sun Chhun Y, 23, fourth-year student at the Institute of Foreign Languages
“In my opinion Sihanouk's best achievement is the Treaty in Paris on 23 October 1991. It is very important for us as the treaty brought peace, solidarity, and development. It was also a new page for Cambodian history. Moreover, Vietnamese troops had to be out of Cambodian territory, and Cambodia could begin democracy and voting in the 1993. King Norodom Sihanouk also stepped into power again as the head of the country, which none of the king before had done. He tried his best by making a good diplomatic relationship with powerful countries. He was a great king who had mercy and cared about Cambodian people in any circumstances.”

Heng Sopheap, 26, engineer
“In the name of Cambodia, I would say the most important success of the King Norodom Sihanuk was the success in taking back three provinces from Thailand: Siem Reap, Battambang, and Stung Treng. He did care about Cambodian territory and put much effort in demanding the three provinces, which Japan had given to Thailand. Getting back our land was very crucial for Cambodia because they have value, especially Siem Reap Province which housed the Khmer empire and Angkor Wat. Nowadays, Angkor Wat is named as a World Heritage site and Siem Reap is the prominent tourist site, thanks to King Norodom Sihanouk. ”

Heng Thida, 25, businesswoman in Phnom Penh
“I am so proud of the King’s Father’s achievements, and I really admired his sacrifice in demanding independence from the French for Cambodian people. In the name of the King, he spent all of his energy for the full independence such creating a brave army, gaining support through diplomacy and so on. This success is very important for Cambodian people that we can avoid the pressure from foreigners such as high taxes. For sure, if there was no the king, Cambodia wouldn’t have independence, and if there was no independence, we wouldn’t have freedom, morality, and development.”

Tang Visal, 20, third-year student at the National Technical Training Institute
“I am really happy and proud to be a grandson of King’s Father who had claimed back our Preah Vihear Temple. This temple is one of the greatest temples belonging to Cambodia, and was built in the 9th Century. We should know that our King had to defend the case many times before the verdict in 1962. By his effort, Preh Vihear temple now completely belongs to Cambodia, which gives us pride.”

Nou Nathy, 22, fourth year student at the Royal University of Law and Economics
“For me, among all of the King’s Father’s masterpieces, I love the way he led the country during Sangkum Reasniyum in 1955 until 1970. We call it the golden age of Cambodia. He brought about development, in which his people lived happily with morality and pride. At the same time, the King focused on developing factories and buildings that are still usable today. The country compared to its neighbours is very famous and outstanding as well as a role model for others. Because of his great leadership, I will remember his achievements.”


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