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As a young person, how do you protect the environment?

Sim Sofeya, 20, National University of Management, third-year major in Tourism and Hospitalty
“I make sure I always throw my waste into the rubbish bin. I make sure I used recycled goods, such as certain kinds of plastic bottle. I would also recommend everyone plants trees around their house. We all have to ban the act of illegally cutting trees, and if we see someone who tries to break these laws, we have to inform the police as soon as possible. “

Kong Sokheng, 22, University of Puthisastra, fourth-year major in English Literature
“I have done some activities such as joining a debate contest centering on the environment, and helped clean the beach. Since I volunteer with an environmental association, I was invited as the guest speaker at a discussion about this environment topic. Since I found out the potential impact of human activity on the environment, I have told other young people that they should consider themselves environmental problem solvers rather than problem makers, and they should work together in activities.”

Sao Socheata, 23, National University of Management, fourth-year major in Business Economic
“By cutting down my usage of paper I can help the environment, since the paper was produced from wood. I also encourage Khmer people not to use products which can cause serious harm to the environment. For instance, the increasing use of plastic bags and bottles damages the environment. People should encourage each other to use environmentally friendly product. I don’t know much about the production of environmentally friendly goods in Cambodia, but I know from my experience in France that they have many products which don’t cause harm to the environment. I would love to see more of this in our country.”

 Vuon Panha, 20, Institute of Foreign Languages, second-year major in English
"We should look after our environment by making a good example for others by not throwing waste everywhere, especially in public. At the same, we have to guide our friends and neighbours so they know how to protect the environment. We can also share news and knowledge related to environment through the internet and the media."

Meth Lalin, 21, University of Health and Science, third-year major in Medicine
“In order to save our environment, we have to know how to use things properly, especially plastic bag and other polluted material. If the number of these things keeps increasing, it will have a terrible impact on our environment. Not only households but also factories have to take responsibility for keeping the environment clean. Firms have to be careful of their waste, especially toxic waste which can affect the water in the river system. Finally, we have to stop the current reliance on cutting down trees because it can lead to global warming and climate change.”



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