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As a young person, what can you do to make natural disasters less serious?

As a young person, what can you do to make natural disasters less serious?

Chan Linda 20, year two student at Institute of Foreign Language in major Chinese literature
“We can’t stop natural disasters, but we can prevent them being more serious in the future. About the flooding, if we want to prevent  it, firstly, before we build houses or other buildings we should think carefully about the drainage system. Second, when we want to construct a new road, we should set up drainage systems in order to get rid of flooding that can damage our street in the future. Moreover, when flooding occurs, we need to reserve some reservoir to store water, so I think that we shall not try to fill that reservoir and then keep it as a water storage place because it can contain water that comes from the flood.”

Lim Chungly 21, Sophomore at Pannasastra University of Cambodia and the Institute of Foreign Languages
“To restrict natural disasters as teenagers, we all should spread the information which is related to the importance of forests and the causes of natural disasters to other people, by telling our friends and families. After that, they will continue to spread our message and our message will be sent to millions of people. Besides that, as young people, we can gather as a group, then go to the provincial areas to educate the locals about not only the causes of natural disasters bu how to prepare for them as well, because they may not know much about this. So we should do this now as it is a hot topic at the moment. All of them are victims, so they will be willing to listen to us. All teenagers should bear in mind that our action as an individual is too little, but if millions of us take action together, we will make a difference.”

Lay Monika 18, student at Australia Centre of Education (ACE)
“As an academic student, I think that everyone should know that natural disasters are occurring because nature has lost its balance. So, to prevent or restrict natural disasters, young people should preserve nature and make sure the balance is not upset. There are many ways they can involve themselves to save nature such as to prevent global warming by not using any kinds of material that produces smoke and gases that are harmful to the atmosphere. Another way to keep our nature in balance is to grow more trees. This is one of the main factors that can keep our nature’s balance. If the number of trees decreases, nature will be unbalanced and it will cause natural disasters such as floods, drought and earthquakes. I just want young people to realise that if nature is damaged, natural disasters will occur.”

Chan Pretbotr 20, year two medical student at International University
“Our environment and nature is getting worse every day. So I think  young people are the ones who need to pay attention to that problem. They also need to do some actions to change and solve the problems. As we already know, humans are also born from nature and live with it, so we should love our nature. Based on my opinion, the first thing all young people should do is love our nature and understand the value of nature, because if we destroy nature, we will destroy ourselves. If we love nature, we will care about it. We can save it by doing simple activities such as joining programs or organisations that play a role in saving nature, spreading information about the importance of nature, planting trees and keeping the environment clean and unpolluted.”

Doung siv cheng 20, junior student at Royal University of Law and Economics
“To limit the impact of natural disasters in the future, we should keep in mind that we have to save our nature and environment. I have noticed that there are two kinds of disasters that often happen in our country, which are floods and droughts. For flooding, we could prevent it by trying to grow more trees, because they can help increase rainfall. One more thing: we should not fill the lakes or ponds because this will impair the  water flow after rain, and that can cause serious flooding. With drought, it is similar to flooding because when a large number of trees are destroyed, it can cause climate change so that there will be a lack of rain for almost all seasons. Therefore, growing more trees is the best thing that all young people should consider.”


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