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Youth of the week: IFL group


Nowthe weather is changing from day to day, there are many concerns about climate change from all people in the world. Cambodian people also have never ignored participation in work for the prevention of climate change.

Recently, the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) celebrated a cleanup day on Saturday, May 6, in order to encourage students to participate in cleaning and protecting the environment. It was the sixth time that the IFL that celebrated these events.

There were many activities during UKF “Clean-up Day” this year including planting trees, collecting and cleaning out rubbish around IFL campus, orientation on the topic of environment, comedy, and question and answer sessions. In addition, students could exchange ideas via group discussions and they also could enjoy taking photos and charting with each other.

There were more than 600 students who participated in these events, the aim of which was to encourage hope that many students would bring their experiences from joining these events to their friends, relatives and other people.  

As he enjoyed taking photographs with his friends after planting  trees and cleaning up rubbish surrounding the campus of IFL, Som Dona, a year-four student of IFL said that IFL did those events because they wanted to set a good example for others in order to protect the environment.

“If we want a good environment, let’s start cleaning our own house and school first and then let’s continue to clean other places such as parks and public places,” he said.

Dona added that it is a very nice event, because students can learn and know the ways of saving the environment and they also can be acknowledged and transfer to others.

“I think there are only some places that are clean -- but there are more and more dirty places. Consequently, everyone should consider our environment nowadays again,” he said.  As she collected and cleaned up rubbish around the IFL campus, Ly Chan Sophea, 21, a freshman-year student of IFL,  said that  it was the first time she had  participated in a “Clean-Up Day” event of IFL to protect the environment.

“I feel very happy, even though I am a bit tired,” Sophea said. “But I can help save the environment by making it fresh and clean.”  

Sophea added that collecting and cleaning rubbish was  a part of protecting the environment and was a part of social activities.

“Let’s practise it every day and tell others who do not know about, or think about, how to save the environment.  If we make the environment clean, we make ourselves clean,” she said.

During the clean-up day event, students tried very hard to respond to their own duties, which were set by university. They looked liked they enjoyed their work while they were smiling to each other and they really loved and wanted to serve their environment.



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