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Logo of Phnom Penh Post newspaper Phnom Penh Post - The Gecko: 01 september 2000

The Gecko: 01 september 2000

The Gecko: 01 september 2000


Clarification: Alert readers will recall in the last issue the tale of the guy

rear-ended by a moto, after which the police intervened and made the offender pay

$30 for the damage to an expat's tail lights.

Further investigation has discovered that the initial damage assessment was $50,

but after intensive negotiations and a plea of poverty by the motorcyclist, the fine

was dropped $20. When it came time to pay up, the lad pulled out a C-note and sheepishly

wondered if the expat had 70 bucks in change to wrap up the deal.


With peace and stability, the Kingdom is now firmly on the global backpacker

circuit, especially as several land borders are open with Thailand.

One would-be, budget-conscious Marco Polo was asked: "How do you like Cambodia?"

After a bit of thoughtful reflection came the reply: "Nice people, nice roads,

and nice pool tables. Especially the pool tables. They're free!"

Keep your eyes open for a new wrinkle in Fire Code regulations. The guys who sold

you the extinguishers are now coming around to tell businesses that the stuff inside

has "expired" after only two years and that for a reasonable fee they will

refill your extinguisher with "valid" fire retardent.

One entrepreneur, after being pestered by four visits, decided to take matters into

his own hands. He took his extinguisher, pulled the pin and gave it a blast, noting

with a smile: "See boys! Still works. Check back in 2003."

A number of businessmen are scratching their heads. A Singaporean woman who said

she was representing an oil importing company had great deals to offer: diesel fuel

at below market prices. An Asian investor is alleged to have plunked down $300,000

in cash as a down payment on a hefty order, but now the woman has disappeared and

when you call her number all you get is "does not exist in the system".

According to one scientist quoted by BBC on a documentary about evolution theories,

genetics and species differentation, the planet is losing 30,000 plant and animal

species a year. Extinct! Finito! Gone!

According to the scientist, guess whose fault it is? OURS!

Heartiest of heartiest congratulations to Joe Dettling at Nestle Dairy Cambodia Ltd.

on the birth of his grandson, Benjamin Joseph Dettling, born Aug 23, 2000.