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Logo of Phnom Penh Post newspaper Phnom Penh Post - The Gecko: 15 December, 1995

The Gecko: 15 December, 1995

The Gecko: 15 December, 1995


T he American love affair with things French is well known. Just look at any Yank's

inordinate fascination with French fries, French toast or French kissing.

A recent manifestation of this phenomena was witnessed by none other than the French

embassy itself here in Phnom Penh when several weeks ago an American named Jeff,

who reportedly was smarting from a broken heart, decided to bare his affection for

things Francophone on the grounds of the embassy - literally.

After a dip in Boeng Kok lake, the young lad proceeded to strut his way into the

compound sporting his finest birthday suit. Embassy officials are said to have accepted

diplomatically the revelation of his naked truth, butt then (non-touché) sent

him packing.

Those who witnessed the eclipse at Angkor may remember the streaker as the same man

who was flogging one t-shirt emblazoned with "I blacked out - Cambodia 1995".

A major, senior, well-known bookseller in the capital - whose name rhymes with "Yurt"

- recently asked his wife what she prayed for when she went to the temple. She replied

that she'd been regularly beseeching the powers-that-be to make sure in her next

life she would be assured of marrying a rich man.

There may be a drop-off in fertilizer bombs on Route 4. The RCAF recently discovered

a cache of 20 thirty-liter containers and 600 100kg bags of amonia nitrate about

130 kms south of Phnom Penh.

Chef Anthony, who this month took the helm of the FCCC, demonstrated the muscle he'll

bring to getting the club's menu back on track. In a chivalrous gesture to rescue

a damsel in distress, Tony selflessly intervened in a tussle outside the Heart of

Darkness, picking up a young tough and pushing him against a 20-foot tree. The kid

got the message and so did the tree, which tumbled over onto the street.

The PPPost seems to have played a small role in spawning true love. Former Managing

Editor Alan Pierce and former freelancer Sarah Horner are said to be a "serious

item". Both are headed for Kabul to work for the Beeb.