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Logo of Phnom Penh Post newspaper Phnom Penh Post - The Gecko: 24 March, 2006

The Gecko: 24 March, 2006

The Gecko: 24 March, 2006


Christie's Soriya medical clinic has closed and is "temporarily unregistered"

according to one source familiar with the issue. Apparently Calmette Hospital filed

a complaint with the Ministry of Health, but the source says the clinic will reopen

in two weeks as the government is changing its registration procedures. Gloria could

not be reached for comment as she went to Bangkok for medical treatment. Veng Thai,

director of the health office at the Ministry of Health. said officials are investigating

the situation.

** Cambodian-American Theary Seng has been appointed to replace Chea Vannath as head

of the Center for Social Development.

** Jackie Pomeroy, Asia Foundation Cambodia Rep, is leaving that post to return to

Indonesia. No word yet on a replacement.

** What's the difference between Cambodia and Vietnam? Here, you pay the cops for

a party. There, you pay the party for the cops.

** Eva Mysliwiec of Youth Star Cambodia, Mu Sochua of the Sam Rainsy Party and Ek

Sonn Chan of the Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority have all been nominated this year

for the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award.

** Peter Starr is recovering from an attack after a road accident. He suffered a

concussion and thinks he might have been pistol-whipped. His friend Bo, who was driving,

was shot in the chest. After six days in Calmette Hospital, he has been released.

The cops confiscated three vehicles and are still investigating the incident; Peter

says they behaved very professionally.

** Bayon Pearnik's Adam Parker was mugged last Saturday night outside his apartment.

He says a guy came up and sprayed him with pepper spray, blinding him, then hit him

several times with something. He fought with the guy who ran off. Adam says he is

recovering and the Pearnik's publication schedule won't be affected.

** Sometimes the discussion at riverfront bars takes on a more ethereal tone. A recent

exchange. Question: "Do you ever feel like your brain is being sucked out through

your third eye?" Reply: "I welcome that."

** It is said that Hun Sen's pique with the mistress issue goes back to the Water

Festival last October when both Ranariddh's wife and his mistress were seated in

different parts of the VIP section, with him shuttling in between. Diplomats were

scratching their heads and querying the PM about the soap opera, much to his displeasure.