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Logo of Phnom Penh Post newspaper Phnom Penh Post - The Gecko: 6 June 2003

The Gecko: 6 June 2003

The Kingdom's newest citizen, by naturalization, is none other than the world famous

Dr Helen Jarvis. Helen, who hails from Australia, said she didn't apply for citizenship,

It was just given to her as a gift. Wow!

ïï Bit of a slip-up in the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) May 21 press

release about the SRP demonstration in front of the National Assembly the same day.

CCHR wrote: "One woman, who was three months pregnant and was hit by a policeman

with an electric baton as she fled from the National Assembly, miscarried this afternoon."

As it turns out, the woman was not pregnant and, accordingly, did not have a miscarriage

that afternoon. It is still unclear what she did have and whether or not her problems

were even related to the demonstration. This is according to other human rights workers

who didn't rush to get out a press release.

One can only hope that these kinds of mistakes will be avoided in the future. Perhaps

CCHR's expat advisor Andrew Thornley, who just happens to be married to the International

Republican Institute's Cambodia program director Johanna Kao, which just happens

to be CCHR's primary donor, will run a seminar on fact checking for the lads at CCHR.

One assumes that further IRI funding for such an endeavor might be available.

ïï And then there's the story of the misplaced hotel.

A European tourist bowled into town last month with a head of steam and checked into

a hotel along the river-the only one with an elevator. He went out for a bit of revelry

but things got rather blurry as the night progressed, so much so that he couldn't

remember where he was staying.

Not a problem. He ended up sleeping in the park in front of the Palace-for eight


The good news is that when he finally ran into someone who told him the name of the

hotel, he returned to discover with a sigh of relief that his $6,000 in travelers

checks and passport were safe and sound.

ïï One of the great mysteries of the UNTAC era has finally been cleared up. Researchers

have for years wondered who was the guy who stole Morris Catering's live crocodile,

on display at its farewell dinner bash in 1993 at Le Royal, and put it in the Australian

Embassy compound's swimming pool.

Lindsay Murdoch, at his recent wedding in Jakarta, confessed that he was the mastermind

behind the rescue. He says it was an Animal Rights issue as the croc looked like

he needed a dip.



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