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Hun Manet, eldest son of Prime Minister Hun Sen, arrives at Phnom Penh International Airport last month.
Hun Manet, eldest son of Prime Minister Hun Sen, arrives at Phnom Penh International Airport last month. Pha Lina

Manet birth rumours spread by CNRP: PM

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday lashed out at rumours his eldest son Hun Manet was the result of a relationship between his wife and a Vietnamese leader, blaming the opposition party for spreading the “serious insults”.

The premier addressed the rumours, which have long percolated online, while speaking to graduate students at a ceremony at Phnom Penh’s National Institute of Education.

“It is unreasonable that they post on Facebook that Hun Manet is not the son of Hun Sen and requested a DNA test,” the premier said, before alluding to legal repercussions.

The premier said he had in fact ignored a suggestion by Manet to clear the matter up with a DNA test.

He blamed the “cheap act” on the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party, which yesterday denied any involvement in a statement.

However, yesterday evening, the premier told local media outlet Fresh News he was not sold, adding that the opposition would need to pay a “high price” to make amends.

“I do not believe the [CNRP’s] statement because it does not condemn the people who have insulted me, my wife and my children,” he said. “Therefore, they need to fix this serious insult.”



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Don Rennie's picture

Dear Sokheng,

It looks like someone is having their fun at the expense of the PM.

A DNA test would clear up the issue quickly. Then it will go away if Hun Manet is the PM's biological son. If Manet is not the PM's biological son, then the PM should shut up and grow up.


Asok's picture

Hun Manet birth rumor is spearhead on Facebook by Mr. Brady N Young, CNRP California leader and activist. He is also the central organizer protesters against Hun Manet U.S. visit. This can be verified by visit his Facebook page which he claimed corporation with Cambodia CNRP.

savath.pou's picture

Cambodia's Opposition is unique in the world. It doesn't care much about winning the election. It only cares about destroying the ruling party.
If the Opposition really cared about winning:
The CNRP 55 MPs would have caused to the winning CPP continuous sleepless nights in every single night since the official opening of the National Assembly of the 5th mandate by waging relentless well documented attacks against the ruling party's shortcomings such as corruption, abuse of power, misappropriation of state assets, etc... strictly within the four walls of the NA building and nowhere else. This practice is commonplace in all democratic countries around the world.
The Opposition cares only about destroying the ruling party:
All every single member of the CNRP's central committee is capable of is slurring the CPP as much as they possibly can by casting such cheap shots at their opponents as Kanhcheas Yuon, Kbal Yuon Khluon Khmer, thieves, etc... and now waging Facebook wars by posting Hun Manet issue as to who is really his biological father.
Hun Manet was absolutely right when he asked his father to play CNRP's biological father game. For me, I wish to see deadlier conditions put forward by Hun Manet such as the complete eradication of all CNRP clan from Cambodia's borders if the DNA test results prove that Samdech Decho Hun Sen is really Hun Manet's biological father. If the results proved otherwise, the whole CPP organization must ready itself to accept the same fate as put forward for the CNRP.
Deep down in their hearts, this is the only outcome the CNRP really wants to see happen. Friends, believe me, Cambodia's Opposition wants nothing less. Whether or not they intend to express it in public is obviously not a question.
Phnom Penh, 14 May 2016 at 6:58AM local time.

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