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A prince and his dreams

Is it true you plan to enter politics?

I am currently trying to see if I can step into politics and create a political party.

I have this in mind to promote some ideas that I have held for some time. Members

of the Royal Family are born with a duty to serve the people and the nation. Ordinary

citizens can choose what they would like to do. The Royal Family has been educated

to serve the country and the people.

Did you seek the King Father's permission before entering politics?

I didn't have to. He is well aware of this.

Why do you think you're suitable for politics?

First, I am really committed to unity. If I step in, I would try to unite all the

small parties in order to build up an effective political party. Then I would get

the democrats - SRP and Funcinpec -in an alliance and we would cooperate with the

CPP towards a common goal.

You speak of idealism, are you a prince or a politician?

I'm an idealistic. Just like John Lennon said: "I'm a dreamer." Nations

are driven by ideals; idealism brings hope. Look at liberalism in England or Communism

in China and the USSR, ideals have been used as a way to develop nations. We need

another way of development than the way we have today.

How has the King done since accession to the throne?

He has done a great job. His main achievement is that he has shown that the monarchy

can survive after the abdication of the King Father. He is the symbol of a Cambodian

monarchy that goes back 2,000 years.

Do you believe the King should stay out of politics?

I think the monarchy should remain a symbol of unity of the Cambodian nation. Such

as other monarchies like the Spanish, Thai or English.

What is King Sihamoni like as a person?

He was educated in the arts. He's seen as a dancer but he's versed in all the arts.

He can play music, he's a choreographer and he was Cambodia's Ambassador to UNESCO.

Personally, he's a disciplined man. He's a hard worker. He's quiet. It's in his nature:

he's been quiet since his early days. I can remember him listening to music and reading

books. He has an enormous collection of movies on video.

How has the decline in Funcinpec's reputation affected the King's image with the

Cambodian people?
King Sihamoni's relationship with the people has nothing to do with Funcinpec.

King Sihamoni has remained far away from politics of any kind. Funcinpec hasn't shown

any commitment to the monarchy. Funcinpec has always hoped to benefit from the popularity

of King Sihamoni. They have done nothing to strengthen the monarchy.



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