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Police Blotter: 03 June 2013

Police Blotter: 03 June 2013

Driver down in dumps after rubbish driving
Police say it looks like the driver of a rubbish-collecting truck is also a rubbish driver. The 22-year-old allegedly crashed into three young men on a motorbike in Phnom Penh’s Tuol Kork district on Saturday and continued driving, dragging them some 10 metres and leaving them with head and body injuries. The three victims were hospitalised, and the driver abandoned the truck and escaped. Police seized the bike and truck.  Kampuchea Thmey

Fisherman praises new method despite arrest
Police in Kampong Chhnang’s Boribor district landed one of three fishermen they say were using illegal methods to kill fish on Saturday night. Police said the trio were electrocuting fish in a lake when they gave chase and reeled in a 31-year-old. The cops also confiscated the illegal gear, while the two other suspects escaped into the night. The arrestee said it was his first time electrocuting fish and praised the method’s efficiency. Unimpressed, police sent him to court.  Kampuchea Thmey

Moto thief evades heavy machinery but not cops
A 42-year-old bulldozer driver almost lost his motorbike on Saturday while busy working with the heftier vehicle at a plantation in Kampong Cham’s Memot district. The driver had left his bike unlocked while clearing land at the plantation, and military police said a thief was making off with it when they blocked his way. Leaping from the bike, he attempted to escape on foot into a nearby forest but couldn’t evade the military police, who arrested him and returned the bike to its owner.  Nokorwat

Dealers get high on own supply, wind up in jail
Two alleged meth dealers in Phnom Penh’s Dangkor district were arrested while taking a pit stop to sample their product on Saturday. According to cops, the two had stopped their motorbike in a dark place to wait for customers and in the meantime had thought of a good way to keep them entertained while they waited. But things got a little too exciting for the pair when police showed up, confiscated the remaining drugs and arrested them.  Kampuchea Thmey

Tissue company theft ends in tears, prison
AN EMPLOYEE of a company that sells makeup and tissues was probably in need of the latter product to cry into after he was arrested on Friday for embezzling nearly $10,000 from the firm. Police in Kampong Speu’s Chbar Mon town said the 25-year-old skimmed a total of $9,881 from cash payments that three buyers had given him in return for delivering company products. Upon arrest, the suspect told police he had lost the money while gambling.  Nokorwat

Translated by Phak Seangly