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Sleepy driver dreams of an undamaged car

Yet another Phnom Penh driver lost a tussle with a concrete street divider in Dangkor district on Sunday, in what is becoming a common (and costly) occurrence.

The drowsy driver drifted off just as his car drifted across the road and straight into the barrier. In a new twist on an old script, the driver wasn’t drunk or injured, and didn’t attempt to flee.

Nonetheless, police impounded the vehicle for possible legal action.




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John Lowrie's picture

One of the themes in my life I blog about is "a lot of thing happen to me over a beer". Sadly one not written up yet is I witnessed a fatality in Monivong Bvd when one of these dividers was first introduced. The speeding motor-cyclist was killed outright. The odd thing is, while these dividers serve their purpose most of the time, to keep traffic on the correct side of the road, they don't always, when it matters most. In fact as soon as there is any congestion, moto's and SUV's soon opt for the other lane. Then when they meet their peers doing the same from the opposite direction, a regular occurrence, we have gridlock for a while. Sorting it all out is one thing Cambodian Police are good at (without money changing hands!).