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Answer Apr 02, 2009

Answer for Thursday 02 April.

Reading comprehension

1. The author believes that
c) rich countries must not cut aid in times of economic difficulties.

2. The Millennium Development Goals were promised for
d) 2015

3. The author thinks that foreign aid given by rich countries is a __ part of their gross domestic products.
a) insignificant

4. About how many deaths worldwide can be attributed each year extreme poverty?
c) 18 million

5. By historical standards, people in developed countries are
b) extremely well off

Listen and answer the following questions

1. What has almost halted tourism to the Swat Valley?
c) the Taliban
2. The Swat Valley is known as
b) the Switzerland of Pakistan

3. The cricket players who were attacked in Pakistan in March came from
c) Sri Lanka

4. What hotel was bombed in Islamabad?
c) The Marriot

5. Some people think this country has successfully maintained tourism in face of terrorist attacks.
c) Sri Lanka

Listening Comprehension

TOEFL tester

Select the word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence

1. Last year, Michael (decides/decided) at the time of his high school graduation to travel to a foreign land.

2. He (had/have) already seen (much/many) of the sites of his native England, so he (decides/decided) to visit France.

3. (But/So) to take a trip (requires/require) money, and Michael had very little.

4. (Might/Would) he ask his father for some money for the trip?

5. (Because/Despite) he had good grades at school, his father (agreed/agree) to give him enough money for a two-week trip to France.

6. (But/So) his father didn't want him to travel alone to a foreign country.

7. Michael (would/should) have to find a traveling companion.

8. His best friend, John, (is/was) graduating also.

9. (Furthermore, However), John spoke better French than Michael (does/did).

10. John (is/was) also (interested/interesting) in visiting France, and his family was quite wealthy.

11. Therefore, John's family (also/in addition) gave permission and money for the trip.

12. They spent a wonderful two weeks going (around/in) France and returned home (many/much) happier and wiser (than/then) when they started.



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