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Answer Feb 05, 2009

Answer for Thursday 05 February.

Reading comprehension

1. The Palestinian was killed by

b) a bullet

2. The Israelis attribute the death of their soldier to

c) a bomb

3. To open the crossings into the Gaza Strip, Israel demands that

b) their captured soldier be released

4. Who rules the Gaza Strip?

c) Hamas rules the Gaza Strip.

5. This violence follows

c) a 22-day war in the Gaza Strip

Listening Comprehension

1. The company building the Canadia Tower is

d) Thai.

2. Some informed people think that the Canadia Tower will

b) not remain the capital's tallest building for long

3. In general, Phnom Penh's property market is in a time of

a) weakening demand

TOEFL tester

1. Birds make nests in trees

b) where they can hide their young among the branches and leaves.

2. Sleeping, resting and

a) drinking fluids are best for taking care of colds.

3. For people to work together well, they need

d) to be sensitive to each other's needs.

4. The National Library houses one of the largest

b) and finest collections of books in the Kingdom.

5. The cosmopolitan flavor of New York is enhanced by

b) its many ethnic restaurants and shops.

6. People usually get the calcium they

a) need from their daily food.

7. Mount Everest

c) soars to a height of 29,478 feet.

8. Hollywood

a) was only a quiet suburb of Los Angeles a century ago.

9. A task force is a group of people who

b) work together.

10. It is good manners to use the name of the person

b) who you are greeting.



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