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Answer Feb 26, 2009

Answer Feb 26, 2009

Answer for Thursday 19 February.

Reading comprehension

1.  The French and British leaders called for

   a) a continuation of the present financial system.

2.  What surprises the author of the article?

   a) That people so readily abandon free-market ideology in the

       face of the financial crisis.

3.  The author of the article fears that

   c) the potential for change in values will be co-opted by the old business values.

4.  The article notes that French society perhaps

   b) already shows how we can build a society with new values.

5.  The author thinks that if people were really concerned about moral values

   c) they would stop buying expensive designer clothes.

Listen and answer the following questions

1.  The article says that

   c) it is possible to get some chemical preservatives out of food.
2.  Government efforts to eliminate dangerous chemicals from food go back

   c) at least 10 years.

3.  The survey found that

   d) about one-half of vendors sold contaminated food.

4.  The most severe result of eating chemically treated food might be

   d) cancer.

Listening Comprehension

Error Identification: Identify the one word or phrase that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.

TOEFL tester

1. Aspirin is (A)recommend to (B)many people for (C)its ability (D)to thin the blood.

2. Some people (A)believe that human beings will never (B)use away all (C)the natural resources (D)on earth.

3. (A)Cotton used (B)to rank first (C)between Alabama's crops, but (D)it no longer does.

4. To (A)building their (B)nests, tailorbirds use (C)their bills (D)as needles.

5. Fountain pens (A)first became (B)commercial available (C)about 100 years (D)ago.

6. (A)Male guppies, (B)like many other male fish, (C)are more (D)color than females.

7. Drug addiction (A)has resulted (B)of many (C)destroyed careers and (D)expulsions from school.

8. (A)Fertilize farmland is (B)one of the (C)biggest natural resources (D)in the country.

9. A jellyfish, which (A)isn't really (B)a fish, (C)it has no brain, no (D)bones and no face.

10. (A)Until diamonds are (B)cut and polished, they just (C)like look  blue-grey (D)stones.

11. Laser technology (A)is the heart of (B)a new (C)generation of high-speed copiers and (D)printer.

12. (A)When rhinos take mud baths, (B)the mud (C)create a barrier to (D)biting Insects.

1. A  2. B  3. C  4. A  5. B  6. C  7. B  8. A 9. C  10. C  11. D  12. C

John had been ATTENDING university ever SINCE his eighteenth birthday. But as graduation APPROACHED, he still hadn't either a job OR a girlfriend. He felt lost; and his parents, ESPECIALLY his mother, WERE worried about his future.

Salvation ARRIVED when his accounting professor introduced him to a certain Mr Hatfield AT the telephone company. The company needed A trainee accountant at ITS head office. HAVING BEEN introduced by his professor, a friend of Mr Hatfield, John EASILY passed his interview and was hired UPON graduation.


  • Breaking: PM says prominent human rights NGO ‘must close’

    Prime Minister Hun Sen has instructed the Interior Ministry to investigate the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) and potentially close it “because they follow foreigners”, appearing to link the rights group to the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party's purported “revolution”. The CNRP - the

  • PM warns party of complacency in leaked audio

    Two leaked audio tapes, purportedly of Prime Minister Hun Sen speaking candidly to senior officials, appear to hint at insecurities within the ruling party over the controversial dissolution of the country’s main opposition, with the premier warning that the party’s “struggle” didn’t

  • Government approves plan to relocate Phnom Penh’s airport

    The government has signed off on a proposal to build a new airport to serve Phnom Penh and has earmarked land in Kandal province for the $1.5 billion project. A new international airport to replace the existing Phnom Penh International Airport will be constructed on partially

  • Music festival promises big stage, has even bigger hopes

    With a line-up of local and international artists, and a massive outdoor venue booked on Koh Pich, or Diamond Island, Saturday’s Diamond Moon Festival is aiming to showcase contemporary musical and artistic talents at a scale rarely seen in the Kingdom. [img] But the