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Answer May 07, 2009

Answer for Thursday 07 May.

Reading comprehension


1. What does the Mexican government fear?

    b) the possibility of a flu pandemic

2. What group seems most affected by the new flu strain?

    d) young, healthy adults

3. Where is the base of the World Health Organization?

    c) Geneva

4. What other country, besides Mexico, has reported an outbreak of this new disease?

    a) the United States

5. What offers some protection against this flu?

    d) face masks

Listen and answer the following questions

1. According to the article, the most effective agent to get people actually to use anti-malaria measures:

    c) faith-based organisations
2. About how many African children die of malaria every day?

    c) 3,000

3. One of the most effective ways of preventing malaria:

    b) insecticide-treated nets

4. What country proposes to lead the world in the anti-malaria effort?

    d) the United States

Listening Comprehension

TOEFL tester

Choose the word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence.

1. _____ the promotion of health and to helping people avoid injury and disease.

    d) The Red Cross is committed to

2. People can usually get a sufficient amount of the calcium their bodies' _____ from the food they consume.

    a) need

3. It is possible _____ may assist some trees in saving water in the winter.

    c) that the loss of leaves

4. Hollywood, the heart of America's motion picture industry, _____ of Los Angeles a century ago.

    a) was only a quiet suburb

5. Kitchen appliances called blenders became _____ in the 1930s when Stephen Poplawski developed the             machine that excelled at making his favorite drink.

    c) established

6. Built at the beginning of the century, the Library of Congress houses one of the largest _____ collections of books in the world.

    b) and finest

7. In the preparation of fibrous material for production uses, stiff wooly fibers from plant _____ fibers from animal sources.

    d) need the more heat than

8. A partnership is an association of two         or more individuals who _____ together         to develop a business.

    c) work

9. Chosen as the nation's capital in the early 19th century, _____ a city of over a million people.

    a) Washington, DC, is

10. Within an area of only 100 miles, Death Valley sinks to 282 feet below sea level while Mount Whitney _____ to a height of 14,494 feet.

    d) soars

11. The cosmopolitan flavor of San Francisco is enhanced by _____ shops and restaurants.

    b) its many ethnic

12. _____ that increasing numbers of CD players will be bought by customers in the years to come.

    d) It is anticipated



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