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The marinate miso pork chop from Leon.
The marinate miso pork chop from Leon. Moeun Nhean

Five questions with Digby’s chef Leon

Where are you from and how did you end up becoming a chef?
I am from Singapore, but I was born in Malaysia. I started my culinary career when I was 16 and have specialised in global cuisine for the past 26 years.

What provides the inspiration for your culinary creations?
As a chef, we have to be flexible and cater to the needs and likes of the customers. At Digby’s, this is also our business philosophy. We love to work with local ingredients and buy local produce to make our products. Cambodian pork is delicious and of a high quality, so we’re delighted to use it in all our pork products. Local fresh spices and herbs also make our recipes delicious.

Leon Lazaroo, chef of Digby’s.
Leon Lazaroo, chef of Digby’s. Moeun Nhean

What kind of specialty sausages does Digby’s offer?
In Digby’s Butchery, we have now over 200 different kinds of sausages and cold cuts. We are always busy experimenting with new products and recipes in our kitchen. So far we have created a custom-made Cambodian sausage seasoned with traditional Cambodian spices. For a taste of Singaporeans or Malaysia, we have laksa sausage and rendang sausage, and longaniza sausage for Filipinos. Our most popular specialty sausage is the Thai-inspired tom yum sausage.

What are your favourite products sold at Digby’s?
My favourite is the tom yum sausage, because it is sweet and spicy, and reminds me of home in Singapore and Malaysia. My next favourite is our smoked ham, the fragrance of the natural smoke makes me want to start smoking our products again.

What dish would you recommend to a first-time diner at Digby’s?
Our marinated miso pork chop. Basically we have to use the best pork chop, and the best pork comes from Cambodia. Then we used top-grade miso paste and garlic, and marinate the pork chops overnight.

You can grill, bake or pan-fry the pork chops. You can also pick up the pre-marinated pork chops from our butchery to cook at home, or come to Digby’s – we’ll gladly grill it for you with side of salad and freshly baked bread.



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