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Logo of Phnom Penh Post newspaper Phnom Penh Post - France and Japan meet in Singapore’s Miam Miam restaurant – and now you can too

Good eats, chic atmosphere: Miam Miam’s restaurant at Aeon Mall
Good eats, chic atmosphere: Miam Miam’s restaurant at Aeon Mall. Moeun Nhean

France and Japan meet in Singapore’s Miam Miam restaurant – and now you can too

Miam Miam’s sophisticated, cloud-connected kitchen is impressive, yet it is surpassed by the dapper look and feel you enjoy here as a diner. A Singapore-created chain with the slogan “The French Cafe with a Japanese Twist!”, its interior has stylish hardwood flooring and exposed brick, giving it a somewhat colonial air, while hanging lights lend it a warm and modest atmosphere. Glass walls mean that only Aeon Mall’s noise – and not its lively environment – is hidden.

Miam Miam looks certain to be a success in Cambodia, considering its explosive popularity in Singapore and the early positive response since its Phnom Penh branch opened in mid-July.

“I hope that our Miam Miam restaurant in Phnom Penh will have at least as many customers as we have in Singapore,” says branch manager Yin Sotheavy, adding that the Aeon Mall location has already earned the loyalty of repeat customers, foreigners and Cambodians alike.

While well-travelled customers might already be familiar with the Miam Miam brand, the chain’s design and menu are new to most Cambodians, who are quickly developing a taste for it.

Miam Miam manager Yin Sotheavy explains: “Local customers did not know us at first, but after they got a taste of our food they praised its uniqueness – some even said it was the best they’d ever had.”

When local customers wonder how such a well-rounded restaurant could pop up in Cambodia, seemingly out of nowhere, Sotheavy lets them know: “We are from Singapore.”

Not only is the Miam Miam brand and concept from Singapore, but all ingredients are imported directly from the city-state. And this may be the restaurant’s key to success in the Kingdom.

“We guarantee that the food we serve in Cambodia has the same taste as our food in Singapore and other countries as well because all the raw materials and ingredients are imported from Singapore,” Sotheavy says.

Aside from the strict and carefully monitored supply chain, Singapore’s renowned efficiency makes a visit to Miam Miam certain to delight. Dishes all arrive within 12-20 minutes of ordering. These dishes can be best described as fusion cuisine – mixing European and Asian influences.

The pasta, for example, might at first look like a classic Italian creation. However, look closer and you’ll find special extras such as sticky bacon, frankfurters, eggplant and much more, crafting a taste that is entirely new. If you like yours with a bit of kick, add a little Tabasco sauce.

Another dish, this one inspired by Japanese omurice, consists of shrimp and rich, black squid-ink rice served inside an omelette.

Sotheavy still recalls delighting in these dishes for the first time while studying in Singapore. Miam Miam’s sophisticated equipment and quality ingredients left a strong impression on him.

“I went to Miam Miam every weekend and saw the long queues in front of it. Some people even booked tables in advance,” he says. “Miam Miam is very popular in its country of origin and their customers are multinational.

“I used to be a chef for many years and at many places, but the style, ingredients and taste of Miam Miam are unique and superior.”



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sendavin's picture

Let me share my experience at Miam Miam.
First of all, no queue, my friends and I were alone in the restaurant, and let me tell you why.

1- The server starts by saying that the dessert takes time and won't be ready before 20 minutes (who cares, we will be eating by then).
2- After having ordered, the server brings my dessert (ice cream)... We are 6 people around the table, and he brings one dessert, BEFORE the MAIN COURSE... Didn't he just say it was going to take time.. I tell him to bring it back.
3- He brings my friend's dessert BEFORE we have received our MAIN COURSE.. EVEN AFTER being told not to do so (in Khmer, obviously).
4- I have ordered a CARBONARA. The sauce was watery and they were 5 pieces of ham. Five big chunk. This is not a carbonara. How can someone miss that.....
5- My friend ask for salt. It takes 8 minutes! And finally brings it in a cup? Why not a normal grinder. This is all going to go to waste.. and the plastic as well, not very professional or environment friendly.
6- The bill takes an eternity, only to realize that one couple before us, have been waiting more than 10 minutes at the cashier...

Miam Miam is not ready to receive customer. First and last time we go there. Obviously, the staff (server, cashier, cook) needs major training.

Dessert comes after the main course. Please. If this happens in France or Japan, it would be a good joke.