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HKL wins international recognition and keeps improving

Hattha Kaksekar Limited, a leading micro-finance institution based in Cambodia has been recognized internationally through an award-acknowledgement program directed at small to medium sized businesses worldwide.

The micro finance institution received three awards from Association Otherways Management & Consulting, making it the first micro-finance institution based in Cambodia to receive three awards at the same time.

“These three awards [indicate] that HKL has good and strong managerial governance and [capability],” said HKL President and CEO, Hout Ingtong adding that “skillful management staff leads the institution to have sustainable growth with high quality of operational and financial management recognized locally and internationally.”

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The awards received by HKL were the Green Era and the Green Economy Forum, Total Quality Management Aptitude for High Quality Performance & Best Customer Satisfaction and the Global Award for Perfection Quality & Ideal Performance on March 23, 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

These awards illustrate “the greatest achievement of staff and management [including] HKL for the year 2015,” said Ingtong.

In addition, these awards also recognize HKL’s humanitarian efforts, such as promoting social welfare and environmental efforts. Green loans, KIVA loans and Khmer Student Loans are some of the products aimed towards these efforts.

HKL’s green loan, for example, is directed at improving living standards in rural areas. This loan promotes the building of bio-digester plants, solar energy equipment, water filters and similar projects.

Khmer Student Loans are meant to provide families with money to ensure higher education fees for their children.

Through its “Award-Acknowledgement” program, France-based Association Otherways Management & Consulting has aimed to promote economic relationships, establish new commercial and professional contacts and create an icon for high quality standards that can be recognized worldwide.

With over 140 offices and 72 ATMS throughout most provinces and cities in Cambodia, HKL’s total assets amount to 345.08 million US dollars.

The institution has recently invested in Mobile Banking products and implemented a plan to enlarge its distribution center. These efforts are part of the institutional strategy for growing in quality.

“The main idea [of this strategy] is that HKL is committed to grow as much as possible, but at the same time in order to ensure our sustainable growth and its quality, some key elements need to be set,” he said.

The elements focus on operational, financial and other factors, including quality control. HKL aims to develop new products and renovate existing products for customers’ supply and demands, relying heavily on market research. Credits, saving deposits, local money transfers, ATMs, mobile banking, payroll, and micro-insurance are some of the products that have been developed in response to their growing demands.



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