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I wantto study at... Khemarak University

I wantto study at... Khemarak University


Khemarak University
Sihanouk Boulevard
Building D, Phnom Penh Centre
Tel: 012 985 832 / 011 793 838
Email: [email protected]

What does it offer?
Khemarak University has seven colleges: Education Science, Law and Economic Science, Political Science and International Relationships, Business Management and Tourism, Human Study, Art and Philosophy, Agriculture Management and Rural Development, and Technology and Information Technology.

Khemarak University has two other training centres, a skills centre and research. These colleges offer programs for students doing associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. It offers courses only on the weekends.

Khemarak University is strict on attendance, and students will fail if they are absent for more than 30 percent of class time without permission, and must study again. If they are absent for more than 50 percent of the time they automatically fail.

Running the show
Dr Sok Touch became president of Khemarak University in 2008.
He was an outstanding student, receiving a scholarship to study a Bachelor’s Degree of Political History in Russia in 1995, a Master’s Degree in 1997 and a Doctoral Degree in 1999. Besides being president of the university, Sok Touch is a vice director of International Relationship of Cambodia.

Khemarak University selects instructors who have bachelor’s degrees with four years experience teaching in another university.

Most instructors in Khemarak University come from the Royal Academy of Cambodia, Royal University of Phnom Penh and the National Institute of Education. If the instructors who have less than three years experience they are tested on their ability. Students are also surveyed on whether they accept the lecturers’ teaching abilities. If not, they are rejected as teachers at the university.

Most students who register to study at Khemarak University are teachers who come to learn to broaden their knowledge. With the university only open on weekends it is easier for them to manage their study time.

Chhim Vanna, 22, 3rd-year student:
"I like the management in this university because when the students have problem, they help us to solve the problem.
All the students have both a consultant and health service, and they especially help the poor students to have a chance to study."

Pich Yanika, 23, 4th-year student:
"I have just graduated from Build Bright University, and I have found a job already. I think this university is good, both its management and its professors. They have enough experience and specific skills in the subject they teach that it was easy for me to understand."

All students have to have a high school degree or the same level degree (grade 9), high school certificate (grade 12), bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, according to the level at which they wish to study.

Fees, scholarships and grants
Khemarak University has different fee structures.
Association costs US$260 per year, bachelor’s degree $360, master’s degree $750 and doctorate degree $1600. In the last two years, Khemarak University has had scholarships for students, but the university has postponed this.

Job prospects
Students at Khemarak University already have jobs and they come to learn and broaden their knowledge.

The future
Khemarak University has plans to develop as a high-standard university, prepare to have a foundation year, classes from Monday to Friday and to have scholarships for students.


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