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Theam Phallin during her visit to Japan.
Theam Phallin during her visit to Japan. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Japan helping Cambodian youth prepare for ASEAN integration

Traveling and studying in Japan is an amazing dream for most Cambodian youth. Local youth Theam Phallin was lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in ‘Asean Integration 2015 Management Seminar’ held in Japan on November 23.

“Being in Japan for two weeks has been a great life experience,” Phallin said, referring to a study tour she participated in, as well as the seminar.

“One secret of the success of of Japan is the people. I think six adjectives describe the Japanese people that I saw during my stay for two weeks: responsible, humble, respectful, honest, disciplined and hard-working,” Phallin said.

Citizens of all socioeconomic strata from street cleaner to company president always nod their heads, speak softly, hand everything with two hands, are honest with one another, commit to take full responsibility and are especially willing to do things to benefit other their people and society, she added.

“The Japanese people’s morals, habits, and commitment give their community the DNA of success for all,” she said. “Innovation is another key for Japan vis-à-vis the developing world. Japanese people not only keep pushing innovation forward in their country, but also seek to explore their opportunities with the 600 million people who will be part of ASEAN integration in 2015.”

Phallin explained that to match the understanding and information of management of Japan and ASEAN Integration 2015, the ASEAN countries plus India and Mongolia were invited by Japan to ASEAN Integration Management Seminar. The seminar allowed all ASEAN member countries to learn about Japanese business management strategies, Japan’s strategic preparations for ASEAN integration in 2015 and how ASEAN countries are preparing for integration.

The management strategy was studied in a very detailed manner during the seminar. ASEAN countries, plus India and Mongolia, were invited to visit different types of businesses in Japan to understand and see how different management strategies are being applied to different types of businesses.

“ASEAN integration in 2015 will be fruitful if we are ready to compete with the world around us,” Phallin said. “Are you ready to be the best individual, qualified business and prepared country to benefit from ASEAN integration?”

“Information, knowledge, and attitude are the key to winning,” she said.

Theam Phallin graduated with a Master’s degree in Project Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at Université Lumière Lyon 2 and IAE Lille, and Royal University of Law and Economics.



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