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Logo of Phnom Penh Post newspaper Phnom Penh Post - Listening comprehension May 14, 2009

Listening comprehension May 14, 2009

Listening comprehension

Listen to the audio file and answer the following questions:

to download the audio file.

1. What seems to be the main reason people use flags of convenience?
a) for criminal activities
b) to save money
c) for the romance of a foreign flag
d) for easier entrance into Japanese harbours

2. Ship registration in Cambodia is
a) very difficult
b) rather lax
c) expensive
d) time-consuming and difficult

3. All ships registered in Cambodia need
a) diesel engines.
b) radar.
c) radio contact.
d) a Khmer captain.
4. Cambodia collects how much in ship registration fees each year?
a) $400,000
b) $1,000,000
c) $3,000,000
d) an unknown amount

5. How expensive are Cambodian ship registrations?
a) cheap
b) expensive
c) moderate, between cheap and expensive
d) free

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