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Logo of Phnom Penh Post newspaper Phnom Penh Post - Listening comprehension May 28, 2009

Listening comprehension May 28, 2009

Listening comprehension

Listen to the audio file and answer the following questions:

to download the audio file.

1. The US-Russian talks aim to
a) completely eliminate nuclear weapons.
b) lower the number of nuclear weapons.
c) establish a common policy on Poland.
d) establish a string of new consulates.

2. Obama wishes
a) to establish a hardline policy against Russia.
b) to gain the support of Israel in the talks.
c) the negotiations to fail.
d) to improve relations with Russia.

3. According to the article, the greatest problem in US-Russian relations is
a) Russia's unwillingness to sell oil.
b) the US's refusal to sell weapons to Russia.
c) a lack of trust.
d) financial inequality between the two nations.

4. The negotiations leave room for
a) great optimism
b) cautious optimism.
c) great pessimism.
d) moderate pessimism.

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