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A student of massage


KHMER people don't value massage because they don't seem to know what its obvious advantages are.

That's the view of Tang Hour who, having studied, trained and worked in massage for the past 10 years, is now managing director of the Amatak Beauty Spa and a spa training consultant, and has become a spec-ialist in massage and beauty.

Because she was obsessed and also very skilful with this chosen occupation, she has now had her own spa shop on Street 228 in Sangket Chaktomuk for the past four years.

Looking back on her first years of study she said: “I had to learn by my heart since massage lessons were in English. I had to try and do my best and at times this made me cry. At that time I was so poor but I had to study because I loved it so much.”

Before opening her spa shop, she was on the staff of the five-star Le Royal hotel for about four years and then at the Sunway Hotel.

Tang Hour was invited to join in the Expo at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Tokyo in 2009 due to her achievements but had little material to put on show and although she was embarrassed at only having what she called withered products, some ginger (Rom Deng), saffron, and Pon Lai her appearance was still popular.

After finishing the exhibition in Japan, she was also invited by the Japanese people to teach them how to consult with people who wanted to get a massage and since then, Hour started producing her own massage products for her spa shop some from Thailand.

Hour reveals “In fact, in our Kingdom, we have a lot of resources in order to take our beauty naturally; that’s why I can produce those materials made of Romdeng (kind of spice), gingers, Ponlai (yellow root with strong smell that used in traditional Khmer beauty spa), and lemongrass.

“There is a body lotion and VU lotion made from lemongrass and shampoo made from ginger as well as massage shampoo made of small sour oranges.

“It is not only for our country but also other countries love using natural resources."



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