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There were approximately 8,985 bodies found at the “Killing Fields” of Choeung Ek, one of nearly 20,000 mass grave sites where victims of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime were left to rot. More than three decades on, the corpses have gone to bone.

Sovann Vibol's intricate copper sculptures sometimes take a week to complete. Scott rotzoll
Sat, 6 February 2016

Metal medium gives copper artist Sovann Vibol an edge in art market

In a shelf in Sovann Vibol’s wooden-frame studio, a box of incense rests next to an old radio and an image of the Buddha, carved into copper.

Artist and comics curator John Weeks first arrived in Cambodia in May 2000, curious to research Cambodian comics. In 2006,
Sat, 6 February 2016


John Weeks:Artist and comics curator John Weeks first arrived in Cambodia in May 2000, curious to research Cambodian comics. In 2006, he co-founded the local NGO Our Books, which helps source and promote Khmer comic art.

Chef Luu Meng’s take on ‘living Cambodian cuisine’: green mango with smoked fish salad. SAM WALKER
Sat, 6 February 2016

Cambodia’s celebrity chef at last brings Malis to Siem Reap

Malis, a name long associated with some of the finest dining in Cambodia, and with the Kingdom’s premier chef, Luu Meng, has finally opened its doors in Siem Reap with a blessing held on Monday afternoon, and the first guests receiv

All Bistrot Lanka’s furnishings are custom-made by local tradespeople. SCOTT ROTZOLL
Sat, 6 February 2016

Laneway culture starting to spread from Bassac to Lanka

Serving up French food with a global twist in chic bespoke surroundings, Bistrot Bassac became an instant favourite when it opened on Street 308 last year.

Sat, 6 February 2016

The light in giant puppets

Children from Together for Cambodia were busy this week making puppets in preparation for Siem Reap’s 10th annual Giant Puppet Parade.

Sat, 6 February 2016

Women’s words: Seminal feminist play staged as a local fundraiser

The Phnom Penh Players’ latest show has brought fresh faces to the stage, eager to share the witty, profound Vagina Monologues with Cambodian audiences

Sat, 6 February 2016

Apology in order over SCS row: PM

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday said he suggested to US Secretary of State John Kerry that Cambodia deserved an apology for the criticism it faced for its chairmanship of ASEAN in 2012, when the bloc, for the first time in its hist

Victoria International Hospital, in Tuol Kork district, has stirred up controversy with advertisements for virginity restoration. SCOTT ROTZOLL
Sat, 6 February 2016

Cambodia’s private virginity industrial complex

In Cambodia, where female virginity is prized, women can undergo a number of procedures in order to ‘restore’ it, including hymen repair, elective vaginal tightening and suppository pills.

Oleg Samorodni translating Hun Sen’s comments for Igor Rogachev, the deputy foreign minister of the USSR in the late 1980s. Photo supplied
Sat, 30 January 2016

Cold War Cambodia

As official Khmer translator for the Soviet embassy in the twilight of the Cold War, Oleg Samorodni was privy to a lot of sensitive material.