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Our ancestors and parents were born here ... We are concerned about the confiscation of documents, but we have no choice. This is their country and is not our country.

Ngoc Yoeung
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Ethnic Vietnamese people sit in line as they wait for immigration authorities to check their documents during a crackdown yesterday in Phnom Penh’s Chroy Changvar district.

Ethnic Vietnamese in Phnom Penh resigned to document purge

At Andong village there are no materials to collect, so I will not have any income. Life is hard over there. They need to search for snails to survive. There is no hope.

Recyclables collector and Borei Keila resident Yin Srin
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An exterior view of one of the  dilapidated buildings occupied by Borei Keila residents awaiting compensation from Phnom Penh City Hall. HONG MENEA

New eviction deadline for Borei Keila holdouts

The workers and the people will not rebel, and they do not care about the politician’s issues. The Cambodian people love peace.

RCAF Commander Pol Saroeun
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Military Commander-in-Chief Pol Saroeun speaks to the press at the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces headquarters in Phnom Penh where he vowed to formally accuse ex-opposition leader Sam Rainsy of treason over a recent Facebook post.

PM, military officials say Rainsy will face ‘treason’ suit over Facebook post

Australia, they work with the ruling party, they work with the government. We are not a terrorist state ... we are not ISIS.

Government spokesman Phay Siphan
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Sochua calls for action in Australia

We can do this only if we are happy and safe. If there is war like in the Middle East, how can we do that?

Minister of Culture and Fine Arts Phoeurng Sackona
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Prime Minister Hun Sen (left) prays alongside first lady Bun Rany (right) during a religious ceremony at Angkor Wat meant to highlight stability within the Kingdom.

PM convenes monks, officials and public in massive show of ‘stability’ in Siem Reap

It’s a disaster for women representation.

Executive director of women’s rights NGO Silak Thida Khus
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A monitor shows a session of the National Assembly on Monday. Following the controversial redistribution of the CNRP’s seats, the number of women in parliament has dropped.

Only two women join the National Assembly

You will not be able to predict the step of Hun Sen! Not only the opposition party, but in my party, no one can predict my move.

Prime Minister Hun Sen
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Prime Minister Hun Sen speaks at an event on Sunday in Phnom Penh.

PM warns former CNRP members in Thailand of deportation

Cambodia was at first a darling case; it then became a question mark, and it’s now a cautionary tale.

Aid Dependence in Cambodia author Ear Sophal
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Cambodia: From pet project to problem child

We need to make sure the people get the benefits and are happy ... [then] they will not talk about who is jailed or who is dissolved.

Hun Sen
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PM warns party of complacency in leaked audio

When you do farming wrong this year, you can do it right another year, but women who choose their husband wrong one time are wrong for their whole life.

Hun Sen
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Prime Minister Hun Sen poses for a photograph with garment workers after an event yesterday in Phnom Penh’s Sen Sok district.

PM plays life coach to women

Democracy in Cambodia is completely good, has not disappeared and proceeds smoothly, and it is not restricted like the opposition says.

Royal Academy of Cambodia Director Sok Touch
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‘Scholar’ spins CNRP dissolution into strengthening of democracy

The Club of Cambodian Journalists is still weak. If it’s a political case.

VOA journalist Sun Narin
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Local journalism organisations silent on ex-RFA pair’s case

You cannot eat sour soup all the time. You will want to change.

Uy Sopha
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CNRP runs newcomer, testing a community’s desire for change

You know who I am. I am Seang Chet, the one who was released from prison. Vote for the CNRP.

Seang Chet
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Seang Chet uses a loudspeaker to announce the Cambodia National Rescue Party’s policies as his rally passes through Kampong Siem district.

Once-jailed ex-commune chief in Kampong Cham helps wife recapture his seat

Our society always says that women don’t need to engage in politics, that they should stay home. But politics is our life after all.

Mu Sochua
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CNRP lauds female candidates