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I think that the lesson Hun Sen took from the 2013 elections is that it is better to be feared than loved ... And if you don’t like [him], to make sure there are no other choices.

Phil Robertson
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CNRP lawmaker Kong Saphea is helped into a clinic in 2015 after he was attacked outside the National Assembly by protesters, some of whom were members of the Prime Minister’s Bodyguard Unit.

Searing report chides CPP’s crackdown against opposition, activists

We considered him our hero for the nation. We are very sad and nothing can compare to his loss.

Oeng Nhanh
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Guards carry the body of late deputy prime minister Sok An into his crematorium in Phnom Penh’s Wat Botum Park yesterday.

Ceremony sees off Sok An

Everyone cried, even the prime minister. It was like a shock. [We] didn’t expect the worst thing to happen to him ... we don’t understand why it happened so fast.

Phay Siphan
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Workers erect tents yesterday for the funeral of late deputy prime minister Sok An, who passed away on Wednesday in China at the age of 66.

Tears, tributes as Sok An funeral begins

Sok An ... controll[ed] so many administrative bodies and state institutions that he was likened to a Hindu god with 48 arms.

Sebastian Strangio
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Deputy PM Sok An dies

As MFIs close, rural clients will not have access to the same services that were once provided to them that are used to cover immediate financial needs.

Ngeth Chou
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Staff of microfinance institutions VisionFund and Welcome Finance head home after closing their branches yesterday in Phnom Penh.

Microfinance to dry up?

It will ultimately hurt the poor in Cambodia who will lose access to finance ... Interest rate controls are demonstrably the wrong policy.

Mekong Strategic Partners' Stephen Higgins
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Minister of Defence Tea Banh speaks at a meeting of CPP commune council candidates in Siem Reap on Sunday. Facebook

MFI loan interest capped

We are not scared [of the report], but we have to carry out the law.

Phay Siphan
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Armed police arrest four young activists after shutting down their screening of a news report on Kem Ley’s murder yesterday in Phnom Penh.

Ley screening quashed

If society does not value them, they will become worse and worse, they cannot enjoy their rights or participate in society.

Ngin Saorath
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Chained up, out of sight: Desperate families often keep mentally ill relatives in squalid conditions

Replace the commune chief who serves the party with a commune chief who serves the people.

CNRP slogan
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CPP commune chiefs join fray against slogan

The men and women should have equal rights. For some men, they are the breadwinner, so they are a bit arrogant and think they can do whatever they want to women. In fact, it is not equal.

Moun Rin
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Or Son, 80; Or Soeun, 66; and Muon Rin, 51, photographed in Kampong Speu province yesterday.

The choices that bind: Misinformation, traditional values add to burdens of rural women

Be careful ... If I work for an NGO, I have rights, but when I am wrong, I will be in jail. If I am a journalist, I have rights, but when those rights impact on other people, I will be in jail.

Hun Sen
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District security guards hit a defenceless man with batons at the scene of a CNRP campaign rally in Phnom Penh in 2014. Yesterday, Prime Minister Hun Sen compared such crackdowns to the largely violence-free response to anti-Donald Trump rallies in the US.

PM defends crackdowns, offers warning to analyst

This was the result of the discussion between His Excellency Kem Sokha and me. His Excellency often sends information to me including about releasing statements.

Hun Sen
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Opposition leader Kem Sokha (left) speaks to Prime Minister Hun Sen at a session at the National Assembly in Phnom Penh late last year. AFP

PM, Sokha talk leaked, purports to show private negotiations between rivals

How could the court not find anybody else that was behind the shooter? The public just don’t believe this is over a debt of $3,000.

Meas Ny
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In side-by-side frames of CCTV footage taken seconds apart, Oeut Ang can be seen running down Mao Tse Tung Boulevard in Phnom Penh moments after shooting political analyst Kem Ley, with two motorbikes and an SUV believed to be carrying police officials trailing him closely at low speed. Fresh news

Trial of Kem Ley murder suspect does little to quell scepticism

Let’s wait and see this year about the rate of free press in the United States … Everyone keep your eyes on this, be a watchdog on human rights in the United States.

Hun Sen
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Prime Minister Hun Sen visits a local school yesterday in Siem Reap after speaking at the Asia-Pacific Regional Early Childhood Development Conference. Photo supplied

PM calls out US again for bombs

In our ranks, the head becomes big while the legs are small.

Anonymous veteran
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Members of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces attend an inauguration ceremony in Phnom Penh in 2013.

‘Too many stars in the sky’: For RCAF insiders, the proliferation of generals can be embarrassing