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Art the Homefinder's Spot of the week

My ratings are based on a system of five thumbs up. It’s an Art the Homefinder innovation that crosses two cliche rating systems, two thumbs and five stars.

Although it has more steel bars than you might like, this one bedroom flat located on the corner of St. 174 and St. 51 is ideal for any person looking for an affordable apartment in the middle of Phnom Penh's action.

Full disclosure; the flowers on the table aren’t real. But the clean and fully furnished living room is. Photo by: Rick Valenzuela

Despite the prison theme, the 16 metre outdoor area is high enough to see over most buildings and could hardly be more spacious. Photo by: Rick Valenzuela

Value for your money:
For a place that is 60 square metres big, the cost of $300 a month is a steal, throw in the location smack dab in the middle of the city and you really couldn’t hope for a better value.

Utilities and service:
It loses a star because electricity is priced above market price, however all of the other services are offered at prices well below the average cost in the city. Cable, normally $5-$10 is only $3 a month, at $2 a month, garbage collection is half the average price, cable is only $3 and water is about $3 per person as well.

This one is really dependant on your preferences, but since you will be living an the third floor, high above the bar across the street, you won’t have to deal with the scene downstairs if you don’t want to. Other than the less-than-ideal establishments nearby, the location is fantastic for anyone working in the city centre who wants to keep things close.

Recent improvements in this building are obvious as soon as you walk in. The walls are brights white and the windows are freshly painted. It is difficult to say in only a few visits how the electricity and other inner systems are, but I would guess they are good.

This apartment is like the battleground for windows and bars. There are windows on three faces of the apartment, but the sun streams in through the many bars that have been put in to keep intruders out. You will feel comfortable that people are looking out for your security. But it won’t do much for your sense of freedom. Three thumbs up. Call this one a wash.

The amount of furnishings in this apartment is well above average, but the quality leaves something to be desired. The best piece in the house is a separate freezer and refrigerator set. There is also a decent Toshiba TV and an electric stove top that will save you some money on gas, but in general the furniture is poorly made and mismatched.


For what it lost on atmosphere, this apartment gets back on security. It is not in a particularly safe neighbourhood, and the owners don’t hire a guard in the evening, but it is difficult to imagine how one would sneak



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