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Showroom in the middle of skeletal Casa condo

Showroom in the middle of skeletal Casa condo

With the launch of its phase 2 sale, developer Meridian International Holdings opened a showroom floor in the middle of their far from finished Casa Meridian condominium tower last week.

The showroom on the 15th floor can be accessed by two freight elevators, and showcases various complete turn-key condo units in the building that will go online by June 2017. Potential buyers can now ascend to the showroom floor to survey different types of units complete with attached appliances and bedroom furniture, while experiencing the view from the 15th floor of the Diamond Island-located development.

Other than allowing buyers to experience “the real deal” by having fully furnished units at such an early construction stage, Meridian can also amend planning issues earlier, allowing for faster completion of the project, according to shareholder Salomon Wolf.

“For example, in the completed units we decided that the windows were too high, and we have now changed them to our satisfaction and won’t build them too low again in the rest of the units,” he said.