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Why Online Marketing IS THE BEST WAY to grow your Real Estate Sales

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Why Online Marketing IS THE BEST WAY to grow your Real Estate Sales

Here are the top six reasons why online marketing should be the #1 tool to grow your business, real estate agency or new development sales force… And why it can ultimately replace traditional sales methods.

Test New Marketing Ideas Quickly:
Online marketing campaigns are quick and easy to set up, and they can be switched ON and OFF with the click of a mouse. You can also have more than one variant running in parallel at the same time (split testing) which allows you to directly compare two marketing campaigns at once. Therefore, it is very quick to test new ideas.

Fast to Scale Up:
Once you have a new Online Marketing Campaign working well, it is very easy to replicate it at a much larger scale. With all the data and analytics at your fingertips, you know exactly what worked, and what did not work. This makes online marketing campaigns perfectly suited to scaling up.

Push Beyond Your Tradition Reach:
The internet helps you to reach people anywhere in the world. Your target market expands dramatically when you can reach people beyond your actual location – especially if you are looking for international property investors.

Through online marketing, you can engage with someone, who knows someone, who knows someone you know, in just matter of seconds – and across thousands of kilometers. That is the power of social networks and online marketing. If you have a small network of 450 contacts online, your potential to expand this network through online marketing is massive.

Online Marketing Beats Cold Calling, Because Your Sales Leads are Qualified and Excited!
Knocking on the doors of strangers with cold calls or emails means they don’t know anything about your services or reputation – and this makes sales progress slow. With online marketing, your customer knows all information before they reach you, and they are excited! Which client has a better chance of resulting in sales?

Digital marketing helps you to build a pipeline of “inbound” sales leads that are easier to convert into a sale because all the educating and convincing is already done before you talk to the prospective client. It is always more rewarding when you meet people who are looking forward to speak with you!

Using the internet to find real estate buyers is much more cost effective compared to other mediums simply because internet infrastructure is much much cheaper compared to physical infrastructure. And the best part – you only pay for what you use, and you can start small!

Build Your Brand Online:
It gives a strong competitive advantage when you can differentiate yourself against competition by branding yourself online, and online marketing helps you to create and promote that brand very easily and very cheaply.

In conclusion, online marketing can be a very powerful sales tool for your real estate venture, whether you are an agent or property developer, for just two key reasons – Firstly, it helps you to TEST ideas, and it helps you to SCALE things up.

However, having said that – don’t forget two things:

A Sound Business Model Must Come First:
You must have a solid business model built around customer value before you can think of online marketing. Online marketing will not replace or improve a bad business idea.

Don’t Forget Traditional Marketing:
This is no argument of Online Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing. Add traditional channels of marketing as your business grows, but start with digital for the reasons above.

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