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Logo of Phnom Penh Post newspaper Phnom Penh Post - Man About Town: 13 Jul 2012

Man About Town: 13 Jul 2012

In last week’s Siem Reap Insider, an article about the perpetually perambulating philanthropic peace pianist Mark Damisch said that he will tickle the ivories in Siem Reap next Friday, June 13.
Stoopid, stoopid, stoopid. The article shoulda said, “Next Friday, JULY 13.”

A major bloody blunder.

But the update news now is that Damisch will perform tonight, as part of a fundraiser for the Spitler School Foundation, at The Explorer’s Tales Restaurant Lounge at Sofitel.

The free performance, titled A Classical Evening, will kick of at 6.30 pm with a drink (note the accent on the singular) and canapés. Kids from the Spitler School will sing songs they learned during English classes. At 7pm Damisch will take the stage and perform a program including the works of Claude Debussy, Aaron Copland and Frederic Chopin.

Low cost airline AirAsia showcased the endangered Cambodian art form of Sbaek Thom, or shadow puppet theatre, in Malaysia last weekend.

In support of Cambodian Living Arts, AirAsia made it possible for the Wat Bo Troupe from Siem Reap to perform to an international audience at the George Town Festival 2012 on July 7.

AirAsia flew the 16 performers in the Wat Bo Sbaek Thom troupe to the festival and back.

AirAsia Asean Group’s high-profile ceo Tony Fernandes said there is, “Great significance in introducing the Cambodian shadow puppet theatre in Malaysia. This is the year of Cambodia’s chairmanship of Asean and the rich Khmer culture can be traced back as the source of many of the cultural art forms across Southeast Asia.”

Live on internet PotTV now: an episode of the TheWeedGuy, aka Mark Klokeid, the founder of and the iMedikate medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver.
Weed Guy’s five-and-a-half minute local episode is called Marijuana in Paradise (Siem Reap Cambodia).

Even though the Weed Guy claims this is his third visit to town, he gratingly mispronounces Siem Reap as Siam Reap. But hey, he’s stoned.

The episode is exciting if you consider watching people blazing on a joint exciting.

Actually you also get to see Weed Guy at the airport ready to fly to Siem Reap, on the plane, at the airport on Siem Reap.

You also get to see him hanging around the dodgy end of the Pub St scene where all manner of substances can be scored. You see Weed Guy talking to an unidentified person in an unidentified location about buying some unidentified substance.

Then you see Weed Guy in his hotel room displaying his $15 cache of weed which he declares to be “a little scraggly” but “top of the line.”

Then you see Weed Guy on his hotel balcony smoking his pot and explaining to viewers that, “everything is available” in Siem Reap and that “everybody here is trying to make sure you have a wonderful time.”

In other words, the usual stoned inanities.

To view, go to

Incidentally, Weed Guy identified his Siem Reap hotel as the Prince D’Angkor. This hotel also happens to be the daily swimming hole for the former Australian Marijuana Party senate candidate JJ McRoach, but apparently the two loopy luminaries didn’t meet.



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