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Man About Town: 30 Mar 2012

Man About Town: 30 Mar 2012

It’s ironic that while police are clearing dwellings from the river banks in some parts of towns, in other parts of town hotels and cafes are indulging in land grabs along the river front.

Some Riverside Road businesses have colonized the river bank directly over the road from their business and turned it into a café or dining area extension. All very good for them, but not good for people who like to stroll along the river bank and are now unable to do so. One hotel has even fenced off an area along the river bank to turn it into a staff moto park.

As for downtown footpaths: well they’re usually difficult terrain for pedestrians with cars and motos parking on the foot paths.

But now businesses are also tending to colonise the footpath outside their premises by planting dinky little lawns and hedges.

It’s time to give the footpaths and riverbanks back to the people.

It’s on again. Dates for the 8th Angkor Photo Festival have now been set for December 1-8. Festival organisers will also launch the call for submissions a little earlier this year, kicking off on Sunday, April 1.

• Landmark French restaurant Barrio has been in its prime Sivutha Boulevard location for eleven years. But its historic long run is about to come to an end: the lease won’t be renewed and new premises are being sought.

• Australian cruise agent, Cruiseco, is entering the river cruise market – via Siem Reap. On October 30 the company will launch the Cruiseco Adventurer for its first sailing from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City.

Let’s hope it does not come to grief like certain Italian cruise ships.

• Life is are set to become exceedingly hectic in Siem Reap during the Khmer New Year, with former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra threatening to come to Temple Town on April-15 to lead his Red Shirts in a grand celebration.
According to The Nation newspaper in Bangkok, Hun Sen might even take part of the merriment.

• The Australian government says it will contribute $1 million towards a scheme to protect Angkor Wat temples. According to the ABC, Australia’s new foreign minister Bob Carr said during his Cambodian visit, “We’re going to take the experience Australians gain managing Uluru and other world heritage sites, and see that in this great site.”