2 Cool 2 Be4gotten (Phillipines, Filipino/English)
Felix is a friendless achiever in high school whose life changes after the arrival of the half-american Snyder brothers, entangling him in their dark ambitions.
9:20am, Legend-TK Avenue. Feature Film

Rina 2 (Brunei and Laos, Malay and Laotian/EN)
The comedy follows the competition between two guys from Brunei for the love of their beautiful Lao tour guide.
9:20am, Legend-Stung Meanchey. Feature FIlm

The Last Verse (Taiwan, Mandarin/EN)
In the summer of 2000, Ren-jie enjoys the best day of his life when he falls in love with Xiao-ping who he walks through his youth and writes the open sentence of his life poem with. However, a visit from Ren-jie’s father in the military and an experience air force will be test their bond of whether or not they can overcome the challenges and resume writing their life poem.
9:30am, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Feature Film

Making an Ancient Forest - Kalkapen National Park (Austria, German/EN)
The film present extraordinary natural processes of a primeval forest and the survival strategies of its inhabitants when left alone to restore itself back to its wild state.Taking three years in the making and shot in 4K, the films unveils the highly complex relationship among plants, insects and animals.
10am, Bophana Center. Documentary Film

Still, We Are Migrant Workers (Korea/Bangladesh/Cambodia/Nepal, Korean/EN)
Bidduth, Syed and Samar were dishonorably deported from Korea about 10 years ago while they were protesting for the rights of undocumented migrant workers. Since they returned to their home countries, Bangladesh and Nepal, they have continued to be supportive, in ways they learned during years of struggling.
10am, French Institute. Documentary Film

Aghanashini (India, EN)
Rivers have played a pivotal role in shaping the humanity and civilizations. The “Aghanashini” is one of the very few pristine rivers left in India, having survived - for now - the consequences of modern development. There is no dam along its path to obstruct its natural flow, and no industries along its path, leaving the water pure through the entire year. But for how long?
11am, Bophana Center. Documentary Film

Baby Beside Me (South Korea, Korean/EN)
Doil is about to get out of the army. Waiting for him are Soonyoung, a woman he’s promised to marry, and his new-born son. On a short break from the military, Doil finds out he is not the biological father of his son and shortly after, Soonyoung disappears. Can Doil overcome the struggles that lie ahead? Growing up isn’t something that only teenagers must do.
11:30am, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Feature Film

The Carousel Never Stops Turning (Indonesia, Indonesian/EN)
The film presents an anthology with many-sided stories, including those about an accountant who cannot forget his late wife, a new couple who spend their honeymoon at the zoo, about about a prostitute who contemplates her escape plan from her current life, and more.
12:30pm, French Institute. Feature Film

In Between Seasons (South Korea, Korean/EN)
Mi-Kyung raises her son Soo-Hyun alone. One day, he brings his friend Young-Joon over and he stays with them. Some years later, after Soo-Hyun is released from the army, he falls into a coma after a terrible car accident, during a trip with Young-Joon. His mother is devastated and blames Young-Joon. She also learns a secret about the two of them, as Yong-Joon and her slowly begin to open their hearts to each other.
1:30pm, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Feature Film

Southeast Asia Documentaries #2
A political life (Myanmar, 2016); Vein (Myanmar, 2016)
1:45pm, Bophana Center. Documentary Film

Haitian Corner (West Germany/France/USA/Haïti, Haitian/EN))
Haitian Corner is a small Haitian bookstore in New York, where Haitian exiles meet at the time of the dictatorship of Duvalier. One of them, Joseph Bossuet, spent seven years in Haitian prisons, where he was tortured before taking refuge in New York. One day, he seems to recognize one of his torturer. His life becomes a nightmare, fueled by his drive for revenge
2:15pm, French Institute. Feature Film

48 Years - Silent Dictator (Japan, Japanese/EN)
The dramatic life story of Iwao Hakamada, former professional boxer sentenced to death in 1968 for mass murder and held on death row for 48 years, the longest stint in history. In 2014, he is released when a Japanese court discovers that evidence against him had been fabricated. This documentary attempts to capture Hakamada’s unimaginable solitude and powerful will for victory, through a labyrinth of delusions and fading memories.
2:45pm, Bophana Center. Documentary Film

The Long Haired Night (Phillipines, EN)
In Burgos, the red light district of Manila, three transgenders are the best of friends, working as masseuses offering sexual services for their clientele. One hopeless romantic, a wise one and a brave one: together, the three friends chase their dreams trying to find love, family and money in the chaos of their existence. But tonight is anything but a normal night.
4pm, Legend-TK Avenue. Feature Film

Norbu, My Beloved Yak (Bhutan, Dzongkha/EN)
Samten Norbu, 20, lives in the mountains herding yaks for a rich man in a faraway town called Gasa. Growing up, he develops an inseparable bond with a baby calf – also called Samten Norbu. When Norbu, the yak, is sacrificed for a marriage ritual, Norbu, the young man, is inconsolable. He leaves his village and decides to become a lama. He wanders around the country until he finally finds back the spirit of his beloved yak.
4pm, Major Cineplex-Sorya. Feature Film
SOYO’s New Shorts
Features a series of short films produced by new generation of Cambodain filmmakers, sponsored by SOYO app.
4:15pm, French Institute. Shorts
Point Man (USA, EN)
Vietnam, April 1968. Soldiers in a U.S. Army Fire Team are deeply divided by racial tensions and moral crises, adding to the crushing pressures of combat in a war nobody wants to fight. Tension reaches new heights when their search-and-destroy mission in the Mekong Delta goes terribly wrong.
4:15pm, Legend-City Mall. Feature Film - World Premiere

Prophecy (Bhutan, Dzongkha/EN).
The discovery of an ancient Buddhist scripture prompts a monk to seek out a young boy prophesied to by a reincarnated Lama. The boy, Ringzen Lingpa, is made the head of a monastery but when a young girl comes to have her mother blessed, he feels a strong connection. Together they explore and question their spirituality, upending social norms. Main actor and film editor Loday Chophel will present the film and speak about his country with the audience.
4:30pm, Major Cineplex-Aeon Mall. Feature Film

Paris La Blanche (France, French/EN)
At the age of 70, Rekia decides to leave her village in Kabylie to go to Paris. All by herself, she travels across the Mediterranean sea to bring Nour, her husband, back home. But her hero, the war veteran, the one who has been providing for his family from abroad for the past 40 years, has become a stranger.
4:45pm, Bophana Center. Feature Film

A Taste of Ink (Compte tes blessures) (France, French/EN)
Charismatic singer of a hard rock band, Vincent, 24, has already tattooed half of his body. With his angel’s face and his incandescent gaze, the world belongs to him. But the arrival of a new woman in the life of his father awakens tensions. Vincent no longer intends to retain his anger or his desire.
6:15pm, French Institute. Feature Film

Bye Bye Germany (Germany/Luxembourg/Belgium, German and English/EN)
David Berman and his friends, all Holocaust survivors, have only one purpose: to go to america as soon as possible. For this they need money. The smooth-talking businessman focuses on what the Germans now need most: fine bed linens nicely wrapped in amusing stories. Close to his aim, David is not only deprived of his savings but also overtaken by his shady past. A light comedy that brings the audience back in time, with beautiful costumes and sets.
6:15pm, Major Cineplex-Sorya. Feature Film

Outstanding First Short Films
This program is proposed in partnership with "Premiers Plans d’Angers", a well-established event dedicated to showcasing yearly first films of emerging European talents. Over the year, they have proven the quality of their selection and network through the discovery and promotion of outstanding filmmakers. Selection in partnership with the French Institute.
6:30pm, Bophana Center. Shorts
Surviving Bokator (Cambodia, KH/EN subtitle)
What started as a genocide survivor’s dream to revive an ancient sport, becomes an inspiring mission to heal a nation. An elder genocide survivor is fighting to resurrect the ancient Cambodian martial art, in a heartfelt story about reclaiming cultural identity and building bridges between generations.
6:30pm, Open air screening at Koh Pich City Hall. Documentary film and live performance
Snow Woman (Yuki onna) (Japan, Japanese/EN)
One snowy night, in a mountain hut, Minokichi, a hunter, sees a snow woman kill his mentor Mosaku. “Should you tell anyone, I will take your life” she says, then drifts off. A year later, Minokichi meets and marries a beauty named Yuki. She bears him a daughter, Ume. 14 years pass and Ume blossoms into a radiant lady who befriends a sickly Mikio, the village leader’s son and Mosaku’s distant relative. Mikio soon dies in the same hut as Mosaku, with his body showing the same frostbite scars. Minokichi is reminded of that horrid night, and wonders what it was that he saw, and who Yuki really is.
6:30pm, Major Cineplex-Aeon Mall. Feature Film

Patients (France, French/EN)
Patients is the story of a rebirth, a chaotic journey of victories and defeats, tears and bursts of laughter, but above all encounters: we do not heal alone.
8pm, French Institute. Feature Film

Hidden Reserves (USA, English)
Vincent is a salesman from a unscrupulous insurance company that bleeds every last dime from deceased debtors reconsider his positive on humanity after he runs into someone who have fought the system he works in for years.
9:15pm, Legend-Stung Meanchey. Feature FIlm

International Short #1 (EN) A selection of short films.
Mom’s Holiday (Brunei, 2017); Highway (Malaysia, 2017); The Brother (France and Usa); A Long Way Home (Laos, 2017); Roommate (Vietnam, 2018)
9:30pm, Legend-City Mall. Documentary short