International Shorts #3 (EN)
Employee of the Month (Philippines); Three Men (Iceland); So-Khin (Thailand); Lunch Time (Iran); Kampung Tapir by (Malaysia); The Last Farewell (Philippines)
9:20am, Legend - City Mall

The Young Karl Marx (Le Jeune Karl Marx) (Germany, GE/EN)
In 1844, Karl Marx, on the road to exile with his wife Jenny, meets Friedrich Engels, son a factory owner interested in the English proletariat. Together, they navigate troublesome times and preside over the birth of the labor movement, which until then had been mostly unorganized. Follow two brilliant, insolent young men from good families spearhead the most complete political transformation of the world since the Renaissance.
9:20am, Legend-TK Avenue. Feature

Passage of Life (Japan, JP/Burmese/EN)
A family of refugees from Burma is living in Japan. One day, they get a letter that will change their lives forever… Based on a true story, this is a tale of love across borders.
9:20am, Legend-Stung Meanchey. Feature

Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts (Indonesia, Indonesian/EN)
Marlina is a young widow, living alone in a remote house with the embalmed corpse of her deceased husband. When robbers arrive, entitled by centuries of male domination, to steal her livestock and rape her, Marlina has only her courage and intelligence to rely on. The next day finds her on the road, with a severed head in one hand and a sabre in the other.
9:30am, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Feature

Discover the World (Découvrir l'ailleurs) (France, FR/EN)
Nine animated documentary films discover uncharted territories to explore unknown rituals and unlikely animals. These films are bursting with beautiful colors, innovative graphics and sound, which adult and children alike will thoroughly enjoy.
10:00 am, French Institute. Animated

Kushuthara: Pattern of Love (Dzongkha, EN)
One single thread weaves the story of the past and present lives of two people. Two people born on the opposite sides of the world, destined to meet, and realize karmic conditions and their consequences. On the surface, it is a typical “boy-meets-­girl” theme, but only on the surface.
10am, Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center. Feature

A Man of Integrity (Un Homme intègre) (FR/EN)
Reza lives with his wife and son, secluded and surrounded by nature in Northern Iran, where they farm freshwater fish. Their peaceful existence is disturbed when a powerful company, with close links to the government and local authorities, takes control of nearly every aspect of the regional life. Villagers become involved in local rings within a larger corruption network.
11am, Legend-City Mall. Feature

Baby Beside Me (South Korea, EN)
Doil is about to get out of the army. Waiting for him are Soonyoung, a woman he’s promised to marry, and his new-born son. On a short break from the military, Doil finds out he is not the biological father of his son and shortly after, Soonyoung disappears. Can Doil overcome the struggles that lie ahead? Growing up isn’t something that only teenagers must do.
11:10am, Legend-Stung Meanchey. Feature
Sdech Korn (Cambodia, KH/EN)
The eventful story of Korn, 39th King of Cambodia from 1498 to 1505, who dethroned the 38th King and fought rebellion. A ambitious film about an important phase of the history of Cambodia.
11:30am, Major Cineplex-Sorya. Feature
The Table (South Korea, Korean/EN)
At a table and over a period of a day, four different conversations take place. The conversations are between an actress and her ex-boyfriend, a man and a woman who had a one night stand, a woman and the woman who will play her mother at her wedding and, lastly, a woman about to marry and her ex-boyfriend. Four of Korea’s brightest actresses headline this drama that grapples with romantic dilemmas.
11:30 am, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Feature

Haitian Corner (West Germany, France, USA, Haïti, FR/EN)
Haitian Corner is a small Haitian bookstore in New York, where Haitian exiles meet at the time of the dictatorship of Duvalier. One of them, Joseph Bossuet, spent seven years in Haitian prisons, where he was tortured before taking refuge in New York. One day, he seems to recognize one of his torturer. His life becomes a nightmare, fueled by his drive for revenge.
11:30am, French Institute. Feature

The Last Executioner (Thailand, TH/EN)
Inspired by real events, the incredible true story of Chavoret Jaruboon, the last person in Thailand whose job it was to execute convicts by gun – a wild rock and roller, a family man who tried to reconcile the good and bad karma in his twisted faith.
11:35am, Legend-TK Avenue. Feature

Yamato (California) (Japan, United States, JP/EN)
Sakura is a moody teenager living nearby a US military base in Yamato, Japan. She dreams of walking in the footsteps of american rappers she admires, but is incapacitated by uncontrollable stage fright. Her rocky relationship with her american half-sister, Rei, a fight with a Korean street gang and the support of vagabond musicians will help her face her fears.
12:30pm, Major Cineplex-Aeon, Feature

Malila: The Farewell Flower (Thailand, TH/EN)
Pitch and Shane have an intimate relationship. One day, their lives go separate ways: Shane marries a woman and has a daughter, who will die tragically, whereas Pitch moves to Bangkok to make floral arrangements. Pitch’s life is turned upside down when he is faced with terminal cancer and quietly disappears from Shane’s life – until Pitch returns in a different form.
1:30pm, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Feature

The First Generation + A Life Like This (New Zealand, KH/EN Subtitles)
A young New Zealander doesn’t know much about his father even though they have lived together for almost twenty-five years. Isaiah decides to make a film about his dad, a survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime in the hope that it will bring them together. Using animation, the two work together to explore Huat’s untold refugee story.
1:30pm, French Institute. Documentary
The Path (Le Chemin) (France, FR/EN)
Camille joins a catholic mission in Cambodia, with the intention of taking her religious vows. Every morning, she walks along the river and crosses Angkor Wat. When she encounters a Khmer man called Sambath, a meeting ritual is established between them.
2:50pm, Major Cineplex-Aeon. Feature
Point Man (USA, EN)
Vietnam, April 1968. Soldiers in a U.S. Army Fire Team are deeply divided by racial tensions and moral crises, adding to the crushing pressures of combat in a war nobody wants to fight. Tension reaches new heights when their search-and-destroy mission in the Mekong Delta goes terribly wrong.
3pm, Major Cineplex-Sorya. Feature

The Next Guardian + Home Alone (Bhutan, Dzongkha, EN)
A 95-year old man lives alone in his place of birth and reflects on a diminishing community and his life in general. Home alone also highlights the bitter truth and effects of rural-urban migration and modernization.
3pm, French Institute. Documentary

Cartoons of the Worlds - Kids Discover the World (France, EN)
Nine animated documentary films discover uncharted territories to explore unknown rituals and unlikely animals. These films are bursting with beautiful colors, innovative graphics and sound, which adult and children alike will thoroughly enjoy.
6:30pm, Koh Pich (City Hall)