Cartoons of the World Kids (EN)
A selection of animated films suitable for children: Tokri (The Basket) (India); O (Myanmar); The Station (Turkey); El Nino De La Noche (Argentina); The Story of a Motorbike (China); Broken Tale (Ireland); Where is My Moon (South Korea); Acquiescence (Indonesia); Cube (Vietnam); Blows With The Wind (Iran); The Girl And The Cat (Singapore)
9:20am, Legend-City Mall. Animation

I am a Cat (South Korea, EN)
A carefree Japanese cat! A proud Taiwanese Cat! A witty upcoming Korean cat?! I want to be happy too! A road movie about stray cats seeking happiness
9:20am, Legend-TK avenue. Documentary film

Love and Goodbye and Hawaii (Japan, EN)
Rinko has been living with Isamu for three years. They have decided to break up, but are still living together. Their current relationship of “more than just friends but not quite lovers” is very comfortable for Rinko, so she hasn’t moved out yet. When Isamu and one of his classmates become attracted to each other, Rinko is faced with a tough decision.
9:20am, Legend-Stung Meanchey. Feature film

Passage of Life (Japan, EN)
A family of refugees from Burma is living in Japan. One day, they get a letter that will change their lives forever… Based on a true story, this is a tale of love across borders.
9:30am, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Feature film

Khmer After Angkor (Orn Euy Srey Orn) (Cambodia, KH/EN)
Chey and Suos are good friends, despite having different family backgrounds. Their close tie also comes from learning martial arts with the same master. However, soon after finishing their study – their worlds are turned upside down. Both fall in love with the same woman. This love triangle leads to a chain of sad events.
10am, Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center. Feature film

Phka Sla Dance Drama (Cambodia, KH/EN)
In Cambodia, a group of 16 female dancers are using classical dance to depict the horror of forced marriages during the Khmer Rouge. The dance performance tackles a subject that was a taboo in Cambodian society until not long ago and uses subtle movements, set to the slow rhythm of traditional music, that progressively quickens to depict the cruelty of physical and sexual violence.
10am, Chaktomuk Theater. Documentary
Félicité (Democratic Republic of the Congo, FR/Lingala/EN)
Félicité sings in a bar in Kinshasa. When her 14-year-old son has a motorcycle accident, she goes on a frantic search through the streets of Kinshasa, a world of music and dreams. And her path crosses that of Tabu.
10am, French Institute. Feature film

The Young Karl Marx (Le Jeune Karl Marx) (Germany, FR/GER/EN)
In 1844, Karl Marx, on the road to exile with his wife Jenny, meets Friedrich Engels, son a factory owner interested in the English proletariat. Together, they navigate troublesome times and preside over the birth of the labor movement, which until then had been mostly unorganized. Follow two brilliant, insolent young men from good families spearhead the most complete political transformation of the world since the Renaissance.
11:10am, Legend-TK avenue. Feature film

The Bold, The Corrupt And The Beautiful (Taiwan, Mandarin/EN)
Madame Tang colludes and mediates between the government and the private businesses for the benefits of her all-female family. One case does not go according to plan, and an entire family close to Madame Tang fall victim to a gruesome murder. ambition, desire and lust eventually change Tang’s relationships with her own family forever.
11:10am, Legend-Stung Meanchey. Feature film

Fortunata (Italy, IT/EN)
A young mother with a failed marriage behind her, fights daily for her dream to open a hair salon, challenging her fate in an effort to gain her independence and right to happiness. Screened at the Cannes Festival (France) where actress Jasmine Trinca won Un Certain Regard Jury Award for Best Performance.
11:20am, Legend-City Mall. Feature film

Insecure (Qui vive) (France, FR/EN)
Cherif hates his day job as a security guard in the mall. He is trying to get his nursing degree without success. He likes Jenny, a girl he met on the bus. His life is complicated by a band of teenagers who harasses him daily.
12:30pm, French Institute. Feature film

Hope (France, FR/EN)
On his clandestine journey from Cameroon to Europe through the Sahara desert, Léonard meets Hope, a Nigerian girl who’s following the same dream.
12:15pm, Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center. Feature film

Hiroshima (Japan, EN)
The film is about the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945 at the end of World War II. It covers the horrific aftermath following the detonation of an atomic bomb on humans for the first time in history. This rare film involved 90,000 actual survivors re-enacting the tragedy they went through.
1:30pm, Chaktomuk Theater. Feature film

Widely acclaimed as the leading figure in Belgian documentary filmmaking.
2:00 PM, Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center. Documentary film

Kushuthara: Pattern of Love (Bhutan, Dzongkha/EN)
One single thread weaves the story of the past and present lives of two people. Two people born on the opposite sides of the world, destined to meet, and realize karmic conditions and their consequences. On the surface, it is a typical “boy-meets-­girl” theme, but only on the surface.
2:15pm, French Institute. Documentary

Hunting in Wartime (USA, EN)
Vietnam war veterans from a small community in remote Alaska (US) remember. They talk about surviving trauma, relating to Vietnamese civilians, readjusting to civilian life, and serving a government that systematically oppressed native people. Their stories gives an important human face to soldiers and shows the long lasting effects of war.
4pm, French Institute. Documentary film

Congo River: Beyond Darkness (Belgium, France, Lingala/Swahili/FR/EN)
A 4,371 km journey from the mouth to the source of the Congo River, the second largest river basin in the world. Discover the centuries-old mythology of the river and the legendary figures who made history in the heart of the African continent: explorers like Livingstone and Stanley, the colonial kings Leopold II and Baudouin I, and the political leaders – Lumumba, Mobutu, and Kabila – who ruled after independence.
4:15pm, Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center. Documentary

The Age of Consequences (USA, EN)
Investigation on the impacts of climate change on increased resource scarcity, migration, and conflict, through the lens of US national security and global stability. Through powerful case-study analysis, the film exposes the interaction between climate change and the exacerbation of societal tensions and conflicts around the world.
4:45pm, Chaktomuk Theater. Documentary

The Next Guardian + Home Alone (Bhutan, EN)
A ninety-five year old man lives alone in his place of birth and reflects on a diminishing community and his life in general. Home Alone also highlights the bitter truth and effects of rural-urban migration and modernization.
6pm, French Institute. Documentary film
Sdech Korn (Cambodia, KH/EN)
The eventful story of Korn, 39th king of Cambodia from 1498 to 1505, who dethroned the 38th King and fought rebellion. A ambitious film about an important phase of the history of Cambodia.
6pm, Major Cineplex-Sorya. Feature film

Surviving Bokator (Cambodia, KH/EN)
What started as a genocide survivor’s dream to revive an ancient sport, becomes an inspiring mission to heal a nation. An elder genocide survivor is fighting to resurrect the ancient Cambodian martial art, in a heartfelt story about reclaiming cultural identity and building bridges between generations.
6:30pm, Chaktomuk Theater. Documentary film

A Cambodia Nature Film (Cambodia)
Fall in love with nature in Cambodia, traveling across the country with local naturalist Chea Samban. Samban explores the varied ecosystem and unique wildlife, meeting inspiring conservation heroes along the way who are working to preserve nature. This unique film will make you rediscover Cambodia in a new light, through exceptional images of the immensely rich - albeit fragile and endangered - natural ecosystems in the country
6:30pm, Open air screening at Koh Pich City Hall. Documentary

Cambodian Textiles (Cambodia, EN)
Having revived the ancient tradition of Cambodian textile dyeing, which had almost been extinguished by the civil war, Kikuo Morimoto (68) is diagnosed with terminal cancer.
7pm, Major Cineplex-Aeon. Documentary
Mobutu King Of Zaire (Belgium, EN)
Portrait of Mobutu, one of the oldest, most tenacious dictators that came to power as a result of the Cold War and decolonisation. In less than 25 years, this young sergeant of the former “Congo Belge” colonial army became the wealthiest man in the world, expanding his power through fear, violence and repression over a country he renamed “Zaïre”. This is the story of one man’s exceptional destiny built on ambition and grandeur, betrayal and cowardice.
7pm, Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center. Documentary film

Jesus is Dead (Phillipines, Tagalog/Filipino/Visayan/EN)
When Iyay learns that Jesus, her estranged husband, has died, she brings her children on a trip through the Philippines to attend their father’s funeral. They embark on a seemingly solemn journey, which quickly turns into a hysterical and colourful series of misadventures. Together with their mom, the 3 children – Jude the transman, Bert the dancer with Down Syndrome and Jay the failure to launch – learn to confront the past and enjoy the ride.
7pm, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Feature film

Bhutan Short Films (Bhutan, EN subtitles)
Bhutan’s film industry is young and developed modestly since its first productions in the late 1990s. With an average of 20 films per year, local Bollywood style films were produced for the national audience.
8:15pm, French Institute.

The Long Haired Night (Phillipines, Tagalog/EN)
In Burgos, the red light district of Manila, three transgenders are the best of friends, working as masseuses offering sexual services for their clientele. One hopeless romantic, a wise one and a brave one: together, the three friends chase their dreams trying to find love, family and money in the chaos of their existence. But tonight is anything but a normal night.
9:20pm, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Feature film