International Short #3
Features six short films from five countries including Employee of the Month (The Philippines) Three Men (Iceland) So-Khin (Thailand) Lunch Time (Iran) Kampung Tapir (Malaysia) The Last Farewell (The Philippines).
9:30am, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Shorts

Making An Ancient Forest: Kalkalpen National Park (Austria, German/EN)
The film presents the extraordinary natural processes of a primeval forest and the survival strategies of its inhabitants when left alone to restore itself back to its wild state.Taking three years in the making and shot in 4K, the films unveils the highly complex relationship among plants, insects and animals.
10am, French Institute. Documentary

Aghanashini (India, EN)
This documentary is about a river of the Western Ghats of India - "Aghanashini", which still flows in its natural course because it remains untamed and unpolluted by man. But, how long can it remain like that?
11:30am, French Institute. Documentary

International Short #2
Features four short films from four countries including Bicho (Spain),The Masseuse (Malaysia), Astri and Tambulah (The Philippines) The Missing Kite (Indonesia).
11:30am, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Shorts

Haitian Corner (West Germany/France/USA/Haiti, Haitian/EN)
The Haitians in New York who exiles from the dictatorship of Duvalier usually meet at Haitian Corner,a small Haitian bookstore in the city. One of them, Joseph Bossuet, who spent 7 misery years in Haitian prison, recognize one of his torturer, which bring the drive for revenge into his life.
11:30am, French Institute. Feature Film

SOYO'S New Shorts
Features a series of short films produced by new generation of Cambodain filmmakers, sponsored by SOYO app.
12:30PM, French Institute. Short

King of Peking (China/USA, Mandarin/EN)
Big Wong and Little Wong are a close-knit father-son duo, living in China in the 90’s, at a time when home entertainment is taking its first steps. Together, they travel around with a mobile cinema projecting Hollywood movies for local villagers. Unexpected events force Big Wong to take up a job as a janitor in an old Beijing movie theatre, to make enough money to keep his son with him.
12pm, Legend - City Mall. Feature film
Hidden Photos (KH/EN)
Four decades after the end Khmer rouge regime and the genocide, Kim Hak, a young and talented Cambodian photographer, looks to will take us to a new Cambodia, far from stereotypes. Nhem Ein, as photographer enrolled in the Khmer rouge regime, took more than 14.000 mugshots of the Tuol Sleng prison victims. He's trying to establish himself as entrepreneur of the so-called dark tourism.
12PM, Bophana Center. Documentary
Sound of Silence (India, Tibetan/EN)
A mute boy, who loses his mother at birth, suffers from violence and neglect from his father. When his father was arrested and imprisoned, the boy is faced with a lonely and deserted life. However, his meeting and relationship with an old Buddhist monk save him from suffering in his voiceless world, and assisting him in fighting an inner battle for love.
12:15PM, Legend - Steung Meanchey. Feature Film

The Carousel Never Stops Turning (Indonesia, Indonesian/EN)
The film presents an anthology with many-sided stories, including those about an accountant who cannot forget his late wife, a new couple who spend their honeymoon at the zoo, about about a prostitute who contemplates her escape plan from her current life, and more.
1:00PM, Major Cineplex-AEON. Feature Film

Rina 2 (Brunei and Laos, Malay and Laotian/EN)
The comedy follows the competition between two guys from Brunei for the love of their beautiful Lao tour guide.
1:30PM, Major Cineplex-Sorya. Feature Film

The Last Animal (US/UK, EN)
The documentary follows the conservationists, scientists and activists on their mission to battles poachers and criminal networks to save elephants and rhinos from extinction.
1:30PM, Chaktomuk Hall. Documentary
Southeast Asian Documentaries (Cambodia, KH/EN)
Features three documentaries from Cambodia and Thailand, including Mr. Zero (Thailand, TH/EN), Lives Under the Red Light (Cambodia, KH/EN)
2PM, Bophana Center. Documentary
Southeast Asian Documentaries #2
Features two documentaries from Myanmar: A Political Life and Vein.
3:15PM, Bophana Center. Documentary

Love and Shukla (India, Hindi/EN)
When Shukla, an auto driver who never experiences an intimate relation with a woman, is suddenly arranged to marry a woman by his an orthodox Brahmin family. The couple face the problems due to their lack of experience in relationship offering no space for sex, much less a conversation.
3:40PM, Major Cineplex-AEON. Feature Film
SOBASITH (Cambodia, KH/EN)
Filmed in 1965, SOBASITH tell a classic love story of Princess Sovan Kesor and Sobasith. In their previous lives, Sovan Kesor and Sobasith are born a couple of sparrows. When the females sparrow begin suspecting that her husband is cheating on her, she throws herself in a fire after vowing never to speak to men again in her next reincarnation. In response, the male sparrow vows to see and marry her again in the next life before following her into the fire. Reborn the daughter of a king, Sovan Kesor is bounded by her vow and never speaks to any man. Fear he would not have any grandchild, King promises to marry her to anyone who will make her talk.
3:45PM, Chaktomuk Hall. Feature Film
In Between Season (South Korea, Korean/EN)
Devastated Mi-Kyung, Soo-Hyun’s mother, blame her son’s friend Young-Joon when Soo-Hyun falls into a coma after a terrible accident during a trip with him. However, she also learns a secret about the two of them, as Yong-Joon and her slowly begin to open their hearts to each other.
4PM, Legend - Steung Meanchey. Feature Film

Marlina the Murderer in Four Act (Indonesia, Indonesian/EN)
Marlina, a young widow, lives quietly in Sumba with the embalmed corpse of her deceased husband. One day a robber named Markus and his gang tries to rob her house and she kills him. Eventually, she is haunted by Markus, which turns her life around.
4PM, Major Cineplex-Sorya. Feature Film

Love and Goodbye and Hawaii (Japan, Japanese/EN)
Although Rinko, an office worker, has already broken up with Isamu, a graduate student, she is still living with him, quite comfortable with their “more-than-just-friend” relation. However, when Isamu and one of his classmate become attracted to one another, Rinko is faced with a diffucult decision.
5PM, Legend - City Mall. Feature Film

Fearless (Mexico/Spain/France, Spanish/EN)
Filmmaker Claudio Zulian documents struggle of a group of Guatemalans relatives of the disappeared people during the military dictatorship, fighting to keep the memory of their loved ones alive.
5PM, Bophana Center. Documentary

Paris La Blanche (France, French/Kabyle/EN)
70-year-old Rekia decides to leave her village in Kabylie to bring her husband, a war veteran,, back home. But, she finds that the one who has been providing for his family from abroad for the past 40 years, has become a stranger.
5:30PM, French Institute. Feature Film

Just To Be Sure (France/Belguim, French/EN)
After Erwan discovers by accident that the man who raised him isn't his real father, he begins a search for his biological father. He soon locates the mischievous, 70 something Joseph, whom his mother has been with shortly. Erwan also meets and begins courting the irresistible Anna, who has ties both to him and his Joseph.
6PM, Major Cineplex-AEON. Feature Film
The Witch (Cambodia, KH/EN)
Raj, a tycoon, and Tep Leak, his wife and pregnant with two kids, live happily in the city of Longvek until Raj is injured by robbers and later begin acting weird. At the same time, the village well runs dry and people and cattle disappear. People begin accussing Raj of witchcraft.
6:15PM, Major Cineplex-Sorya. Feature Film
The Last Executioner (Thailand, Thai/EN)
The Last Executioner tells the story of Chavoret Jaruboon, a wild rock and roller and a family man who becomes an executioner to support his family. Hold the job of carrying out executions by rifle, Jaruboon constantly tried to reconcile the good and bad karma that came from his decision. Inspired by real events.
6:30PM, Legend - TK. Feature Film
First They Killed My Father (USA, KH/EN)
A 5-year-old girl embarks on a harrowing quest for survival amid the sudden rise and terrifying reign of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Adapted from the famous book with the same title, retelling the personal story from a child’s perspective by Cambodian author and human rights activist Loung Ung.
6:30PM, Open air screening at Koh Pich City Hall. Feature Film

Orn Euy Srey Orn (Cambodia, KH/EN)
Orn Euy Srey Orn is based on a legend that associated with ceremonies in Cambodian marriage. It tells the story of Chey, a son of a peasant, and Sous, a son of a wealthy, two best friends love the same woman. The love triangle leads to hatreds, lies, and even tragedies.
6:30PM, Chaktomuk Hall. Feature Film
Still, We Are Migrant Workers (South Korea /Bangladesh/ Cambodia/ Nepal, Koean/EN)
While protesting for the rights of undocumented migrant workers, three immigrant laborers were dishonorably discharged from South Korea.Still, they have continued to be supportive, in ways they learned during years of struggling.
7PM, Bophana Center. Documentary

Iran: Veiled Appearances (Belgium/France/Italy, French/Persian/EN)
The documentary unveil the rebellious fervor spreading in Iran, leading to the historical transformation of the country.
7:45PM, French Institute. Documentary

Hidden Reserves (USA, EN)
Vincent is a salesman from a unscrupulous insurance company that bleeds every last dime from deceased debtors reconsider his positive on humanity after he runs into someone who have fought the system he works in for years.
8:30PM, Major Cineplex-Sorya. Feature Film

The Forest (Thailand, Thai/EN)
A man, who just left monkhood, takes the job as a teacher at a school in rural Thailand. In his class, he discovers a mute girl who is being bullied by the other students. As he helps and befriend her, he finds that the girl retreats into a fantasy world, finding solace in the forest with a strange wild boy. The teacher struggles to bring her back, while himself questioning the real world..
8:45PM, Legend - TK. Feature Film