Legacy Film Lab (Cambodia, KH/EN)
The Legacy Film Lab seeks to encourage Cambodia’s next-generation filmmakers to engage with the country’s past in an effort to better understand the present.LFL gives Cambodian youth the opportunity to tell the history of their country and share their thoughts on the Khmer Rouge Trials in their own words.This project was supported by the British Embassy in Cambodia and the Handa Center for Human Rights and International Justice in partnership with Khmer Mekong Film (KMF).
10:00 am, French Institute. Shorts
A Man of Integrity (Iran, English, Persian/EN)
A small family, Reza, his wife and son, live surrounded by the nature the Northern Iran where they farm freshwater fish. However, nearly every aspect of their lives and the villagers in the region was intruded by a powerful company which has close connection with the government and the local authorities. This movie illustrates about the injustice and corruption in Iran society.
12:00pm, Legend- City Mall. Feature Film

The Table (South Korea, Korean/EN)
The Table is about the romantic dilemmas which happen in four different conversations that take place at a table on the same day. Those conversations are between an actress and her ex-boyfriend, a man and a woman who has a one night stand, a woman and the woman who will play her mother at her wedding and a woman about to marry and her ex-boyfriend.
12:00pm, Legend-Stung Meanchey. Feature Film
Shadows of Cambodia (Italy, EN)
Seven speleologists set off on an exploration of the hidden recesses of Cambodia, in search of natural caves. Greeted by the colors and chaos of small towns, the silence and shadows of Cambodia, they will be the protagonists of a veritable “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”.
12:00pm, Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center. Documentary

Angkar (France, KH/EN) - Premiere
After living in the same village for 4 years, Khonsaly finds his former executioners during Khmer Rouge regime. Between past and present, identities are revealed, forgotten bad past re-emerge and the story is told, face to face.
12:30pm, French Institute. Documentary
Yamato (California) (Japan/United States/Taiwan/ Netherlands, Japanese/EN)
Sakura, a moody teenager who lives nearby a US military base in Yamato (Japan), was inspired by the american rappers and has the dream of becoming a rapper despite having uncontrollable stage-fright. However, a fight with Korean street gang, the unstable relationship between her and her american half-sister, Rei, and the support of vagabond musicians will help her face her fears. This movie shows the reflection of the youth’s anger towards US presence in Japan.
1pm, Major Cineplex-Aeon. Feature Film

Lumumba (Belgium, French, Lingala)
Patrice Lumumba, a hero of Congolese independence, is not yet 30 when the upheavals of a botched decolonization propel him to the forefront of the international political scene. Sent to jail on multiple occasions for inciting disorder and riots, he quickly rises from modest postal clerk to Prime Minister of one of the richest countries in Africa. He becomes one of the most vilified figures in an intense Cold War period. His tragic destiny was programmed early on: he is assassinated only 3 months after his election.
1pm, Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center. Feature Film

I am a Cat (South Korea, Korean/EN)
A documentary movie about stray cats seeking happiness in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
1:30pm, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Documentary

Outstanding First Short Films (France, French/EN)
Chasse Royale, by Romane Gueret & Lise Akoka, 2016; K-Nada by Hubert Charuel, 2014; Monsters Turn into Lovers by Yann Delattre, 2015; L’ ge des sirènes by Héloïse Pelloquet, 2016.
2:00pm, French Institute. Shorts
Sdach Korn (Cambodia, KH/EN)
This is an eventful story of Korn, 39th King of Cambodia from 1498 to 1505, who dethroned the 38th King and fought rebellion. It is an ambitious film about an important phase of the history of Cambodia.
2:00 pm, Chaktomuk Theater. Feature Film
The Prophecy (Bhutan, Dzongkha/EN)
When an ancient Buddhist scripture is discovered, a Buddhist monk embarks on a long journey in search of a young boy destined to reincarnate into the next Lama, to propagate Buddhadharma for all sentient beings.
3:00pm, Major Cineplex-Aeon. Feature Film

Hunting in Wartime (USA, EN)
The movie gives an important human face to soldiers and shows the long lasting effects of war. Vietnam War veterans from a small community in remote Alaska (US) remember when they talk about surviving trauma, relating to Vietnamese civilians, readjusting to civilian life, and serving a government that systematically oppressed native people.
3:15pm, Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center. Documentary

International Short #1
Short films from around the world. Mom’s Holiday (Brunei, 2017), Highway (Malaysia, 2017), The Brother (France and USA, 2016), Roommate (Vietnam, 2018), A Long Way Home (Laos, 2017).
3:30pm, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Shorts

The Last Verse (Taiwan, Mandarin/EN)
In the summer of 2000, Ren-jie enjoys the best day of his life when he falls in love with Xiao-ping who he walks through his youth and writes the open sentence of his life poem with. However, a visit from Ren-jie’s father in the military and an experience air force will be test their bond of whether or not they can overcome the challenges and resume writing their life poem.
4pm, Legend-Stung Meanchey. Feature Film

Sound of Silence (India, Tibetan/EN)
Sound of Silence tells an inner battle fight for love story in Himalayan Valley of a neglected and abandoned mute boy who lost his mother at birth and was neglected by his own father who later was put behind bars which left the boy stares at the lonely and deserted life ahead. However, an elderly Buddhist monk helps him appease his suffering and explores the bond that each creature shares with nature.
4pm, Major Cineplex-Sorya. Feature Film
A Cambodian Nature Film: Kingdom Of Nature (Cambodia, KH/EN)
This unique film will make you rediscover Cambodia in a new light, through exceptional images of the immensely rich – albeit fragile and endangered – natural environments in the country. Fall in love with nature in Cambodia, The Kingdom of Nature, traveling across the country with local naturalist Chea Samban who explores the varied ecosystem and unique wildlife, meeting inspiring conservation heroes along the way who are working to preserve nature.
4:30pm, Chaktomuk Theater. Documentary
A Taste of Ink (France, French/EN)
Vincent, 24, charismatic singer of a hard rock band, has already tattooed half of his body. With his angel’s face and his incandescent gaze, the world belongs to him. But the arrival of a new woman in the life of his father awakens tensions. Vincent no longer intends to retain his anger or his desire.
4:45pm, French Institute. Feature Film
Inside the Belly of a Dragon (Cambodia, KH/EN)
Hugh W. Brown, a famous Irish Clown, who arrives in Cambodia with broken hearted and disenchanted; however, when he begins a journey through the country, his gloom was lifted by the breathtaking landscapes and his encounters with Cambodia people.
5pm, Legend-City Mall. Feature Film

Cambodian Textiles (Japan, EN) - Premiere
Having revived the ancient tradition of Cambodian textile dyeing, which had almost been extinguished by the civil war, Kikuo Morimoto (68) is diagnosed with terminal cancer. This documentary film attempts to show the beauty of his life in the face of imminent death.
5pm, Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center. Documentary
2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten (Philippines, Tagalog/EN)
Felix is a friendless achiever in a Filipino high school, whose life changes after the arrival of the half-american Snyder brothers, entangling him in their dark ambitions.
5:30pm, Prime Cineplex-Sovanna. Feature Film

The Path (Le Chemin) (France, French /EN) - Premiere
The Path is about a woman named Camille who joins a catholic mission in Cambodia with the intention of taking her religious vow. Every morning she walks along the river and crosses Angkor Wat and a meeting ritual established when she meets a Khmer man named Sambath.
6pm, Major Cineplex-Sorya. Feature Film

12 Sisters (Puthisen Neangkorngrey) (Cambodia, KH/EN)
This is the story of twelve beautiful sisters whose existence is full of hardships, because of sins they committed in a previous life. Puthisen, the youngest sister’s son, becomes a hero for them.
6:30pm, Chatomuk. Feature Film
Cambodia in Shorts (Cambodia, KH/EN)
Khema by HANG Sokharo, Cambodia, 2017/ Money by LIM Heng, Cambodia, 2017/ mélancolie (n.) by SHANGHAI Chang, Cambodia, 2017/ The Morning After by Leanne Mangan, 2017/ Sothea by Kate-Marie Engberg, USA, 2017/ Float by Tristan Seniuk, USA, 2016
6:30pm, Open air screening at Koh Pich City Hall. Shorts

Until They’re Gone (Cambodia, EN)
This is a film about landmines, the people who remove them, and hope. There is a ticking clock on when, not if, the next innocent farmer or child will be injured or killed by a landmine left over from a war that ended 30 years ago. A California couples who walked away from a comfortable retirement in Palm Springs, relocate to Cambodia to found Landmine Relief Fund, LMRF.
6:45pm, French Institute. Documentary
Mobutu, King of Zaire (Belgium, English, French/EN)
This is the story of one man’s exceptional destiny built on ambition and grandeur, betrayal and cowardice. Mobutu was one of the oldest, most tenacious dictators that came to power as a result of the Cold War and decolonization. In less than 25 years, this young sergeant of the former “Congo Belge” colonial army became the wealthiest man in the world by expanding his power through fear, violence and repression over a country he renamed “Zaïre”.
7:15pm, Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center. Documentary

Cartoons of the World Adult (France, EN)
A selection of animated films suitable for adults. Starry Night (South Korea), Irony (Australia), I Like Duck (Japan) Deer Flower (South Korea) Laymun (UK), The Witch’s Mask (UK) Human (South Korea), Shadow (China), Departure (Hong Kong) Ugly (Germany), White Tunnel (Taiwan) Mexico Recyclers (Germany), Proxy (Switzerland), The Servant (Iran).
8:30pm, Major Cineplex-Aeon. Animation
Bye Bye Germany (Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, German, English /EN)
A light comedy about David Berman and his friends, all Holocaust survivors who have one purpose which is to go to america as soon as possible which requires money. Close to his aim, David is not only short on savings but also overtaken by his shady past.
8:30pm, Major Cineplex-Sorya. Feature Film

The First Generation + Somebody Stories - A Life Like This (New Zealand, KH/EN)
A young New Zealander doesn’t know much about his father even though they have lived together for almost twenty-five years. Isaiah decides to make a film about his dad, a survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime in the hope that it will bring them together. Using animation, the two work together to explore Huat’s untold refugee story.
9pm, French Institute. Documentary

KFC (Vietnam, Vietnamese/EN)
The cannibalistic doctor and his fat son are addicted to human flesh and have partly turned a small house in Hanoi into an operating-theatre-torture-chamber. The cruelty and amoral violence is inevitably passed down to the next generation. A “body-horror” film, not for the faint-hearted.
9:30pm, Legend-TK Avenue. Feature Film
Malila: The Farewell Flower (Thailand, Thai/EN)
Malila: The Farewell Flower is about an intimate relationship between two men, Pitch and Shane; however, one day they go separate ways in which Shane marries a woman and has a daughter who will die miserably, while Pitch moves to Bangkok to make floral arrangement. Later, Pitch found out he has terminal cancer and silently vanish from sight and then came back in different form.
11:40pm, Legend-TK Avenue. Feature Film