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David Van is one of Cambodia’s most experienced and savvy business and policy advisors. Well reputed among the international financial institutions and development community for many years, David is also a leader in the fast developing Cambodian private sector. Equipped with three decades of experience with Trans National Corporations and the Development Community in Asia, David is well endeavoured to help especially Cambodian corporations grow to the next step.

David is truly multicultural, fitting in well in Phnom Penh. He holds dual French and Cambodian citizenship, as well as permanent residence in Singapore. He is fluent in English, Cambodian, French and Chinese.

David has worked closely with the United Nations (ITC, UNCTAD, UNDP), World Bank, among other multilateral and bilateral development agencies in Cambodia and mainland Southeast Asia. He also has extensive experience working with Trans National Corporations across sectors from infrastructure, to health care and consumer, to industrial and information technology. He worked with companies such as General Electric, Intraco, Inchcape, and Elders IXL in a senior management role throughout Southeast Asia, but with a particular focus on mainland countries.

In the course of his development work, he has worked with a wide range of Cambodian ministries and maintains unparalleled networks in Cambodia and the GMS.

David plays an active role in Cambodian communities and civil society through a series of pro-bono services. He is Deputy Secretary General of ARPEC (Alliance of Rice Producers & Exporters of Cambodia), a Member of the Board for the Society of Human Resources Management and Productivity, a member of CAMPRONET – the Cambodian Professionals Network and the co-founder of Synergy Capital Cambodia, a local consulting firm providing corporate advisory services to local and foreign investors. He currently represents also the BGA (Bower Group Asia) in Cambodia. BGA is specialized in providing consultancy for US Fortune 500 Firms in Public Affairs and primarily in ASEAN countries including China, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal as well as Australia/New Zealand.

David was involved in working with the Royal Government of Cambodia in the conceptualization of the Rice Policy Paper launched by the Prime Minister in August 2010 and facilitated a series of Public Private Consultation in 2011 for the Progress Report of the Rice Policy one year on that came up with recommendations endorsed by the Prime Minister in November 2012 resulting in the creation of a new Technical Working Group no 9 on Rice.

David also conceptualized entirely the first Cambodia Rice Forum 2011 held in October 2011 pulling in a series of reputable speakers from the rice sector. He also initiated the clustering concept by helping to set up the recent ARPEC (Alliance of Rice Producers & Exporters of Cambodia) in May 2012. ARPEC gained rapid recognition as the most professional Rice Institution of Cambodia promoting Cambodian rice with major professional rice websites since the start.