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Farmers urged to get crop insurance
Kingdom’s rice exports down 1.5%
Increase in rice facilities boosts price of Kingdom’s paddy rice
Pig farmers afraid to open shop
PPM role in Kingdom’s pharmaceutics
New Year’s Eve celebrations draw tourists to the Kingdom
Outlook good for the Kingdom’s agro sector
Angkor hosts 2.6M visitors
Mekong River agriculture project yields just 60 tonnes of vegetables
Double taxation accord set to be implemented
Chinese salt imports reach Cambodia at $100 per tonne
Government approves 4,186 trademarks
Commerce ministry makes $82M
Report: Kingdom’s total exports increase to $10 billion this year
Chinese to invest in Kingdom’s rice
Five partners pledge funds for Kingdom
Airports pass 10M passenger mark
Cassava processing factory to open
CRF: Kingdom’s rice exports do not impact EU farmers
Bosch leads Kingdom in road safety
Coastal provinces to receive 4M visitors
Louvain Cooperation Cambodia promotes agriculture research
Kingdom’s stock market investors double in second half of this year
Koh Trong’s pomelos expand
Free rides on ferry extended