The Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) said the recent “Run for Cambodian Children” event, which it organised in collaboration with a prominent local developer, marked a “significant milestone” in its annual environmental, social and governance (ESG) campaign. 

The CSX Fun Run 2023, co-hosted by Peng Huot Group, attracted over 700 participants from diverse sectors, including government officials, business leaders and international investors. 

The December 23 event aimed to achieve four key objectives: Promote sports and charity, raise funds for the Kantha Bopha Foundation of Cambodia, provide networking opportunities and disseminate information about the securities market. 

Leading the event were Sou Socheat, director-general of the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia, Hong Sokhour, CEO of the CSX, and Ky Santy, representative of the Kantha Bopha Foundation, which raises fund for the Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital.

“I believe the local community embraces a passion for sports, prioritises health and possesses a generous spirit,” said Sokhour.

He said each person has a role in improving the lives of children dealing with health challenges. Stressing the significance of contributing to positive changes in Cambodia’s socio-economic landscape, he mentioned that fostering a competent and healthy resource pool is essential for building the nation’s future.

“The ability to positively impact the lives of multiple Cambodian children facing health challenges starts with each and every one of us. It’s through our combined efforts that we can truly make a substantial difference in many lives.

“Enhancing the socio-economic landscape involves nurturing competent and healthy human resources. Establishing a robust foundation is fundamental for constructing an exceptional nation,” he added.

Sokhour noted that the stock exchange functions as a public institution, playing a dual role. Firstly, it helps companies secure capital from the public to fuel business expansion. Secondly, it aids the public in earning additional income through stock investments. 

He also stated the CSX’s role in championing the ESG movement to promote sustainable development. 

“Engaging in sports is an investment in health; making donations is an investment in social change; and purchasing stocks is an investment for future financial freedom,” he said.

The event raised a total of $7,777, to be donated to the Kantha Bopha Foundation.

Participants also enjoyed gifts, including 55 raffle prizes and souvenirs, along with the opportunity to open free stock trading accounts, courtesy of contributions from sponsors.

“Similar to the runners today, our market has evolved from walking to running, demonstrating significant progress. We are committed to broadening our ESG campaigns and raising public awareness about the exchange,” Socheat said.