The top logistics industry body has struck a deal with a digital technology association that is tailored to better position the freight sector to drive growth and slash delivery times and operating costs, according to the former’s chief.

A two-year agreement was signed at a signing ceremony on the afternoon of September 6 by Logistics Business Association (Loba) and the Cambodia Digital Tech Association (CDTA).

Loba president Chea Chandara told The Post following the event that all economic sectors in the modern age must leverage digital technology to accelerate processes and mitigate costs.

Quicker transfer and delivery bring a range of benefits, not only for individuals, households or companies, but also for the entire national economy, he highlighted.

“Signing an agreement with the CDTA is crucial, because in the current situation of the transport sector, especially during the Covid-19 epidemic, we are in dire need of digital technology to help speed up delivery processes through apps, instead of face-to-face communication, which saves time and partially reduces costs,” Chandara said.

He made the case that “the agreement is also in line with the policy of the Cambodian government to enhance technological absorptive capacity”.

CDTA president Chhin Ken said the deal aims to promote technology and transport knowledge among the two associations and in turn allow them to complement each other in business activities.

The CDTA “has a lot of platforms related to online sales, [and] working with shipping members will be mutually beneficial”, he said.

He went on to say that the agreement aims to make it easier to communicate the different engagements that members of the associations have in the pipeline, and hence boosts networking and coordination at the local and international levels.

Workshops and training sessions will also be organised to further improve collaboration, knowledge exchange and experience sharing, he added.

Chandara shared that Loba has now signed such agreements with six associations – four domestic and two foreign ones.