Silicon Valley-based Quintel USA Inc, the antenna and wireless solution subsidiary of Philippine electronics manufacturer Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp, has debuted in the state of Hawaii with the rollout of 5G new radio (NR) in the archipelago.

Cirtek disclosed to the Philippine Stock Exchange on January 10 the successful entry of Quintel in Hawaii, the latest market under its service coverage area in North America.

“Quintel has delivered its first batch of orders from Hawaii and will continue to help the island state improve its network in 2022 as the telco continues with its infrastructure upgrades to support the market’s growing wireless demand,” Cirtek said in its disclosure.

“For the state of Hawaii, Quintel will support the islands with its new antenna portfolio outperforming its competitors in aspects such as passive intermodulation mitigation, wind loading, independent tilt capability and short delivery lead time,” the company said.

The 5G NR launch is the first in Hawaii to use the 850 band. This is one of the frequencies commonly used by mobile phones in North America.

“Our antennas provide independent tilt option when using these dual band radio. This means that the network optimisation can independently control the coverage footprint of 5G which is in the 850 band and the 4G in the 700 band,” the company said.

Through its current portfolio of patents alongside pending ones, Cirtek sees Quintel in a position to release a family of new antenna solutions this year to help increase the data throughout its network.

Quintel aspires to take a bigger slice of the US wireless market as 5G subscription is projected to grow from around 200 million in 2020 to three billion in 2025. The global number of connected devices is projected to increase to 43 billion in 2023, a threefold increase from 2018.