Battambang province is the latest focus of 15 French businesses seeking lucrative investment possibilities, with France acknowledging the region's strategic value and notable infrastructure.

On June 15, French ambassador to Cambodia Jacques Pellet spearheaded the business expedition, meeting with provincial governor Sok Lou.

According to a social media post by the provincial administration, Pellet stated that the visit aimed to provide French investors with a clearer perspective of the numerous sectors offering investment opportunities in Battambang, spanning from agriculture and industry to tourism and transport.

"Battambang is one of the most important destination provinces in Cambodia, which has the infrastructure to cross and connect to the main areas in the country well," the social media post elaborated.

Lou emphasised Battambang's agricultural potential and the pressing need for both local and international investors in agro-industries like fruit processing as well as the sale and export of agricultural goods.

"Many agricultural products are not yet fully maximised, causing an oversupply and resulting in falling prices," Lou noted.

The governor further pointed out the region's pepper and durian crops, comparable in quality to those found in Kampot province, as another untapped resource ripe for investment in Battambang.