Odom was brought closer to realisation as Urban Living Solutions (ULS) held the glittering groundbreaking ceremony to officially launch the architectural “new gold standard” in Phnom Penh’s ever-evolving urban landscape.

The event – attended by the project’s top management, including ULS Founder and Managing Director Kim Leang Kean, and other distinguished guests – marked the long-awaited start of Cambodia’s most ambitious community-focused development.

Construction on Phnom Penh’s new iconic luxury mixed-use development began on June 11, with Odom’s architect Khai Saharom having spoken of the project representing “a future of possibilities and opportunities”.

Odom shareholders and distinguished partners hold the groundbreaking ceremony for Phnom Penh’s new iconic luxury mixed-use development. PHOTO SUPPLIED

“Odom is to set a new gold standard for what is possible in terms of design and architecture in Phnom Penh, and this is because we are not interested in building just another skyscraper or mega development.

“We strive to ride on and enhance the strengths of the city and its communities, retaining its character and sense of place while paving the way to re-evaluate the definition of a progressive Asian city.

“We have high expectations for the development. We hope that it is not only the tall towers of Odom that reach into the sky – we want the community to grow and soar high too, and look forward to a future of possibilities and opportunities,” said Odom’s architect Khai Saharom.

Centrally located on Norodom Boulevard, the mixed-use, high-rise development designed by the Singapore-based Kite Studio Architecture is to feature two towers – Odom Tower and Odom Living – connected by the “podium” of Odom Square, with combined residential, commercial and office spaces.

Situated on 5,825sqm of prime real estate and standing 45 storeys high, Odom Tower will offer 40,000sqm of Grade A strata-title offices and serve as a new business hub for local SMEs and international businesses.

Odom: Cambodia’s most ambitious community-focused development. PHOTO SUPPLIED

The 22-floor Odom Living, designed for modern families and professionals, will offer spacious one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments ranging from 78sqm to 262sqm, all with city views across the Phnom Penh skyline, double balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows providing natural light.

Uniting the two towers will be Odom Square, a five-storey landscaped garden and commercial space combining a curated selection of food and beverage,retail and lifestyle offerings, and providing a greenery-filled community area.

Odom boasts LEED pre-certified gold status and environmentally smart designs, with “Sky Villages” that aim to bring elements of both a village community and vibrant city street into a vertical environment as the development integrates sustainable design solutions.

Odom office spaces offer full flexibility for owners to design their workspace. PHOTO SUPPLIED

“With Odom, we strongly believe sustainability must be a given in any development – it is as important as providing basic amenities.

“Ensuring design that responds to climate favourably and adopting energy saving features are just not enough, with it important that end users understand the vision and carry it through as the community grows and flourishes. This ensures longevity of both infrastructure and community.

“To this end, we integrate sustainable solutions not only in the materials and design articulation of the entire development, but we also weave in the philosophical aspect of sustainability in city planning and community building,” said Khai Saharom, from Singapore-based Kite Studio Architecture.

And as a high-quality, innovative and forward-thinking real estate project, Odom is poised for success in the Cambodian, regional and wider Asian markets.

Looking forward, the Asian Development Bank has forecast Cambodia’s GDP to grow by 6.2 per cent over 2023, placing the Kingdom among the top three countries with the highest GDP Growth in Southeast Asia – higher than even Indonesia or Thailand.

With Phnom Penh, based on trends in neighbouring cities, needing 887,000sqm of office space but only estimated with its present population to have around 600,000sqm, Odom Tower is a strong investment opportunity.

ULS projects like Odom are long-term investments, not just financially, but also in the Kingdom’s future, the company’s Founder and Managing Director Kim Leang Kean explained.

“ULS targets buyers who want to live and work in our spaces – investment properties are good and essential, but it’s long-term residents owning and residing in properties that build communities and the long-term value of projects.

“We’ve had several buyers tell us that they bought the property initially as an investment, but then decided to make it their primary residence simply because they really liked the home.

“This may be because of the design and quality of the project – andit may also be a large part due the human-centred approach we take to all our developments,” he said.

Odom Living will offer spacious one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments. PHOTO SUPPLIED

This approach is reflected in Odom’s 7,000sqm of greenery, with nearly 80 per cent of those open to the public to allow the capital’s communities to thrive and greatly enhance Phnom Penh living, making it a game-changing addition to the Cambodian property sector.

Part of this abundance of green space will make up the five-storey layered park in Odom Square, nestled alongside a publicly accessible retail podium connecting both towers of offices and residences.

Green spaces in urban areas bring numerous health and social benefits, and help reduce air pollution, heat and noise levels, with Odom using sustainable strategies to approach environmental issues and “forge community bonds”.

“The green spaces and sustainable strategies behind Odom are intended to inspire end users to live responsibly, using available resources wisely and forging community bonds that last.

“Ensuring sustainability is a collective, concerted and continuous effort. It should not end at the development’s completion, because how we tackle the environmental issues we face today directly affects future generations,” said Kim Leang Kean.

Sky Villages are outdoor green spaces for Odom Tower residents to pause, interact and connect. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Odom is a project by Urban Living Solutions (ULS), the Cambodian-owned development and lifestyle company focused on community-centred development.

ULS is also the firm behind Cambodia’s most creative spaces, which include award-winning projects such as Rose Apple Square, Bakong Village and Factory Phnom Penh.

Founded in 2016 and fully committed to challenging expectations, ULS doesn’t sell “units”, rather it builds homes and communities that connect, inspire and benefit the people that live and work within them.

“ULS is not afraid to be bold and take chances if we think it will exceed buyers’ expectations to the point that they want to live or work there themselves.

“The ULS mission is to develop proper lifestyle, community-focused liveable homes targeting owner-occupied buyers,” said Kim Leang Kean.

For more information and further enquiries, please visit https://www.odomphnompenh.com/ or call 099 231 168.